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    A Gift To Remember by Melissa Hill

    I received a free copy of A Gift To Remember by Melissa Hill from the lovely people at Simon and Schuster. It came in a lovely gift bag Unopened gift bag. The gift bag has the same the dark blue design on it as the cover Opened gift bag with the book next to it. Darcy Archer works in a small bookstore in Manhattan. A daydream believer, she refuses to settle for anything less than being swept off her feet by the perfect man… literally. One day, when cycling to work, Darcy accidentally crashes into a sharply dressed gentleman walking his dog. He is knocked out cold, rushed to hospital…

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    Quick and Dirty #Disability Theory

    I posted on Facebook earlier this afternoon that I’d given someone a spur of the moment elevator pitch length explanation of the social and medical models of disability and they’d understood it without my needing to clarify any further. This was, and is, a win. Especially because I really believe they actually understood it and didn’t just say so to shut me up. Then one of my friends posted that she doesn’t speak disability. And apparently I have blog entries on here dating back to 2006 but have never defined the models. Despite having both a social and a medical model category on here. So here goes. This will be…

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    Gracie’s War by Elaine Everest

    I received a copy of Gracie’s War by Elaine Everest to review. Do our actions and decisions mark us and stay with us for the rest of our lives? Gracie has her life before her as the dark clouds of the Second World War gather. Though she and her family cope well with the stresses on the home front, Gracie’s transformation to adulthood is swifter and more brutal than she could have ever imagined. Gracie meets Tony, who arouses such feelings in her that she has never experienced before – not with Joe her regular beau who considers her his girl. Then, one night, one mistake, and she realises she…

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    The End of NaNo

    So it’s the end of November and Nanowrimo ends at midnight. I’m a nano winner in that I’ve written over 50,000 words this month. I’ve not written a book. I’ve not even written anything vaguely like a first draft of a book. Some of my friends are talking about submitting for publication pretty much straight away. They are either much better writers than I am or totally insane. Or both. What I’ve written is a mess. It’s a variety of scenes from the idea I had. Some I planned and some I didn’t. Some work and some make me cringe just to think of them. I suspect when I look…

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    Surrounded by Sadness

    After I wrote the things that make me happy post on Saturday I’d planned to write some more on the subject. I will write more on the subject I’m sure but tonight sees me writing about the opposite of happiness. Because there is a hell of a lot of sadness around me lately. I heard of the death of a friend of mine and my parents yesterday. It was I think the sixth death I’ve heard of in the past seven weeks. Plus my Dad was saying he and my mum know of two others who have died recently. Two distant family members. For one she was in her nineties…

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    Things that make me happy

    Mum and I went to see Gyles Brandreth in his one man snow Looking for Happiness this evening. It wasn’t what I was expecting but it was was really good. The only reason it wasn’t what I was expecting was because I didn’t really know much about him in advance of the show tonight and was expecting something a little more stand up like. Some of his stories I’d not heard of the people he mentioned but unlike with some other acts when I’ve been too young to know some of the things or people they were talking about that didn’t matter. I picked up a copy of his book…

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    Random Bullet Points of Life

    + It’s been ridiculously long since I last finished a book. Too busy writing. I started a book at the hospital on Wednesday but couldn’t concentrate on it. It’s a good book I think just too distracted at the hospital. + I went to wheelchair services on Wednesday and got a new pommel put in my cushion. The OT also adjusted my footplates to what she thought would be a better position to me. She did one and I was all it’s too high, my knees feel like they’re up around my boobs. But I asked her to change the other just to see and once they were both set…

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    Writing thoughts or tips

    With it being November and NaNoWriMo I’ve been doing a lot of writing. I’ve also been thinking about writing a lot and I’ve spent some time with groups of writers. Some of these are published writers. Some write fiction, some write articles. Some are very experienced and have written novels for years but aren’t at the stage of submitting them yet. Some just write for fun, and some are just starting out. Writing groups are interesting things. I’ve been part of several different versions of two very different writing groups over the years. One of those groups no longer exists. The other does but basically in name only because I…

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    Support of a sort

    Tonight is Children in Need. I don’t like Children in Need. I think it’s inspiration porn and support for charity designed to make people feel better for all the excesses they have (or perhaps in the current climate used to have) by making them pity those who don’t have as much. Or who have disabilities or other so called disadvantages. I wrote about that over on Bea this morning in Be a Hero And I wrote about the same topic here on my blog last year: Inspiration Porn.

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    Random Bullet Points of Life

    ♥ I got my powerchair back yesterday and I took it out for a very long wander around this afternoon. I came back cold but with the cobwebs well and truly blown away and feeling happier. (An Instagram I took as proof I went out and because I thought it looked nice. Road, trees, sky, cars going past and the power station in the distance) ♥ I can’t remember if I posted here that I was going to take the creative writing class again. It was going to be a five week class with the same tutor I had before. The first one was last week but the rest have…