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    >We have a MARATHON RUNNER in the family!

    >My sister ran the London Marathon today! She completed it in 6 hours, 25 minutes (including toilet breaks she keeps telling everyone so probably 10 mins less than that) and we are all very very proud of her!  Her time is pretty much bang on where she hoped it would be as she’d aimed for between 6 and 7 hours and you can’t get better than 6 hours 25 minutes for meeting that goal. She did it to fundraise for Bliss, the special care baby charity for premature and/or sick babies.  Her sponsorship page is here. I’ve not seen her yet as access to public transport and the whole crowds…

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    >25lb Goal? Done!

    > I lost 2lb this week!  Which means I can finally, finally, finally (after almost two months!) replace the 20lb lost badge in my sidebar with this lovely 25lb lost one!!  I’ve got a feeling that this is the most weight I’ve ever lost or certainly not very far off of it.  When I was at uni I did lose a lot of weight but as much as I wanted to hit the two stone goal (that was my overall aim) I didn’t get much beyond a stone and a half. I’ve continued to pretty much cut out all snacks which I think is what has made the difference and…

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    >A Reading

    >The Arts Centre where I do my creative writing class (amongst other things!) held a literary day on Saturday.  Basically they held a second hand book sale for charity and they had readings from “local writers” AKA the creative writing class.  It was actually described in the e-mail that went round promoting it as “readings from local writers” and I thought, oh cool I’d like to know who’ve got for local writers.  Then I realised, oh shit, that’s me!! So I gave a reading on Saturday which was open to the public!  Scary!  There were 9 audience members and I think they were all people’s family or friends but still…

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    >Well, that’s that ticked off the list for 2010!

    >My brother and his girlfriend are now officially home owners and moved into their first “own” home today.  We went over to visit briefly earlier and it’s very nice. The don’t have any chairs over there yet (or didn’t when I was there) and I took my walker not my chair so that was interesting!  But luckily my walker has a seat so I was mostly OK.  And whilst I would have got my chair round the downstairs, we wouldn’t have got it in without a struggle.  There’s a step to get in and it’s not a small one but it wasn’t as big as I expected.  My mum had…

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    >A Good Things List

    >Good things about having given up chocolate and coke and not having had any for almost three weeks. Being told repeatedly by different people that the skin on my face looks a lot clearer and finally seeing what everyone means today. My eyes are brighter. When I went to the nurse this afternoon her jaw practically dropped when I told her. I’ve lost a lot of weight over these few weeks (over 5lb) I still have disgusting feet but now it’s mostly just my nails and not my skin as well. Getting lots of encouragement from different people. Realising that I was addicted to Coke and Chocolate but it is…

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    >Oxford Regatta 2010

    >Behind yet again and I have a few other entries which need to stand alone planned.  So just a few thoughts this evening to catch up a bit. The Oxford regatta was last weekend.  It was my last regatta of the year most likely and I’m not sure how many I will do next year, if at all.  I find them quite hard because although it’s a disability sailing event my disability and the set up clash rather a lot. I made it out once on Saturday and was that cold and sore afterwards that I had a load of clonus and it was hard to get me out of…

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    >Monday Music – Proud

    >On my old blog I used to occasionally post songs and such like and those posts were categorised as “Songs of My Life”  I was thinking yesterday about starting something like that again.  And then I thought “Monday Music.” This is Heather Small – Proud (I won’t post the lyrics as they basically are all of the video which I hope makes it accessible).  I really love this song.  And I especially love the idea of finding one thing each day to be proud of.  It’s something else that I’ve been thinking about bringing back to my blogging.  I used to find it hard at times to find something to…

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    >Progress Report

    >I’m planning to get back into posting for the Healthy You Challenge every week.  I think accountability plays a big part in being successful so that’s a good idea.  My mum and I are also weighing ourselves every Monday and setting goals for the coming week.  This is the second week of that. Last weeks goal was no pizza which I managed and this weeks goal is no pizza and less chocolate.  I’ve had pizza tonight but that’s it.  I think once a week is acceptable.  The trouble with pizza is that it’s such an easy yet yummy meal for me to make and my CP does mean I struggle…

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    >For about the past year (I think it’s actually 10 months give or take), I’ve been seeing the nurse every month or six weeks or thereabouts to chat about how things are.  More specifically it’s meant to be to discuss my weight but it’s proved a useful thing in terms of keeping tabs on my depression and has also allowed me to easily fit in some “Emma maintenance” at the same time.  Flu jab, blood test, swine flu jab etc.  Should probably get my blood pressure checked next time. Not the last time I went but the time before (October I think, it may have been  just November though) she…

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    >Me. I Did That.

    >Yesterday I went somewhere and saw they had made changes to their access.  Changes because I had asked for them and suggested what they could be.  Changes which were made extremely quickly (I suggested them Thursday evening).  I was looking at them thinking “I did this.  Me.” Knowing I achieved something and that I was the one to make a difference is a wonderful feeling. All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com