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Random Bullet Points of Health Related Life

♥ I still don’t have my new wheelchair cushion. I had my fitting appt at wheelchair services but that was the worlds biggest waste of time because they didn’t have it. The story is a bit more complicated then that and totally ridiculous as well as very badly handled. I made a complaint to PALS […]

>In Short

>Since probably September last year I’ve been a bit stuck with my weight loss before that I was on a pretty steady downward trend.  Up a few pounds. Down a few pounds.  Up a few more, down a few more.  I think the correct term is Yo Yoing.  But the one thing that’s kept me […]

>Changing my meds

>Mostly for my own records because otherwise I won’t remember when this happened and it might be useful at some point in the future. Went to the Dr today.  I was very nervous about going to talk depression for some reason and threw up before I left. Not that unusual when I’m anxious but not […]

>You know you’ve got a bad UTI when…

>I’m slowly getting over this UTI.  I am however on my second type of antibiotics for it. I was put on Nitrofurantoin on Friday. 100mg x 4 daily for five days.  Normally people are given 50mg x 4 for three days but I warranted a double dose and extra days due to my history.  You […]

>Not really an update

>Naidex was fun.  If you’ve been following my twitter stream for the past few days you’ll hopefully know that.  But you’ll also know there was lots of access related fail which made for stressfulness and made things difficult.  And if you’ve seen my twitter stream today you’ll know that I woke up this morning to […]

>25lb Goal? Done!

> I lost 2lb this week!  Which means I can finally, finally, finally (after almost two months!) replace the 20lb lost badge in my sidebar with this lovely 25lb lost one!!  I’ve got a feeling that this is the most weight I’ve ever lost or certainly not very far off of it.  When I was […]

>The Return of those Three Little Letters I Love To Hate…. U-T-I

>Alternate title: they said I had a UTI and how I wish that were true. I’ve been a pretty poorly cripple.  This is copied from an e-mail I sent to a friend yesterday. Basically went to bed Thurs with bad back pain but didn’t think too much of it as I get that. Woke up […]