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    >100 Books Club – Pages Goal!

    >As of 12th Oct 2007, I have read 84 books and 26,402 pages this year. Yup, I finally got the page properly updated. In terms of actual pages I have surpassed the goal (25,000 pages or 100 books) of the 100 books club. I’m not there on the number of books but suspect I will end the year a lot closer to it at the very least. Looking at my list, it’s strange to see how many books I’ve read this year and sort of forgotten about. Like The Other Eden, that was a really great book, sort of historical fiction. But I had to stop and think what it…

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    >100 Books Club – Update

    >I read a really interesting book today. And I’m in the middle of updating my 2007 book list spreadsheet (which really, really will will be back up here properly this week). Haven’t added in the pages of the last 8 or so books I read yet. But I’ve read 80 Books so far this year! Somehow I don’t feel so bad now about the fact that I’ve got 32 books (at least) that I’ve bought or been given and not read – and hey it WAS 36 but I’ve since read four of them! Hopefully I can read a few more before my amazon parcel containing another three books arrives……

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    >Discussion Time

    >I am so ready to discuss in detail so if anyone wants to discuss Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, send me an e-mail emma@wheelchairprincess.com Please DO NOT leave comments with spoilers in. I will just say here that going at midnight to get it was soooooo much fun and that I loved the book. The woman is a genius. My sister accused me of having no life outside of Harry Potter. I don’t care. In fact, I quite like it that way. Just in case some people are still reading, I will leave writing a longer post about it till next weekend. All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 –…

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    >I’m getting picked up in 3/4 of an hour to go to Tesco and get my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I’ve re-read the previous six, finished Half Blood Prince at twenty past ten this evening. I’m shaking, excited, can’t really believe it. And yes, I do know it’s only a book. Biggest question of the moment is do I stay up and read it or do I start it then get some sleep?! Decisions, Decisions… and antici————–PATION! All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >100 Books Club – Update

    >I just took some time to add the last four books I read to my excel spreadsheet which keeps track of my reading. And then I updated the Books in 2007 page over in the side bar (it seems that this template doesn’t like that page but I hope as it is it’s just about readable). As of about half an hour ago I have read 33 books so far in 2007 or a total of 9871 pages. I am astounded by those numbers. Popular Authors so far are C.S Lewis (seven books), E Nesbit (three books) and Adriana Trigiani (four books). All of the other authors on the list…

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    >No :-(

    >Borders are planning to close all of their UK stores. I love Borders, it’s like my mecca or something and i can literally spend two hours in there so this is very very sad news to me. And also when/if the Oxford store closes where, exactly, am I going to find a decent disabled loo to use other than there?! Actually, pretty much the only reason I go to Oxford is either to go to Borders or to go to the theatre. But do they not realise that when we go to the theatre we always go early and pop in for a browse and a loo break. I really,…

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    >The Last Battle

    >whispers:  I’m going to be going on holiday twice, possibly three times, this year it seems.  I’m not 100% sure of the details yet but it’s really very exciting! I was right and I really don’t need this but I think I’ve just become part of another fandom.  I have too many fandom’s but I just can’t help it! I finished the Last Battle this afternoon (the last of the Chronicles of Narnia) and it had been hooked the entire time and did leave me wanting more.  I was infuriated with it at times and I didn’t want it to end but equally I really wanted to know what was…

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    >The Chronicles of Narnia

    >I’m reading the Narnia books at the moment. I’ve never read them before apart from The Magician’s Nephew which I first read last year when I bought the box set for a ridiculously cheap price in The Works but then put the rest aside. I re-read that before starting on the rest and I love all the ones I’ve read so far. I’ve spent most of today curled up on the sofa lost in Narnia, reading The Horse and His Boy this morning and Prince Caspian this evening (this afternoon I dragged myself back into the real world long enough to go food shopping and do laundry, that was boring!)And…

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    >Happy 10th Birthday, World Book Day!

    >Today is World Book Day’s 10th Birthday and as I absolutely adore reading and books in all shapes and forms I thought it worth celebrating and marking here. I was going to do it with a list of ten of my favourite books but then I realised that would be difficult because for example I would have to list one of the Harry Potter books but I love all six and which would I include and including them all would take up most of the list and leave me no space for other books.  So I thought a list of my favourite authors would be the way to go. J.K.…

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    >Ordinary Miracle

    > It’s not that usual when everything is beautifulIt’s just another ordinary miracle today The sky knows when its time to snowYou don’t need to teach a seed to growIt’s just another ordinary miracle today Life is like a gift they sayWrapped up for you everydayOpen up and find a wayTo give some of your own Isn’t it remarkable?Like every time a raindrop fallsIt’s just another ordinary miracle today Birds in winter have their flingAnd always make it home by springIt’s just another ordinary miracle today When you wake up everydayPlease don’t throw your dreams awayHold them close to your heartCause we are all a partOf the ordinary miracle Ordinary…