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    Jinxed it!

    I wanted to write a post about how proud of myself I am about something. I’ve been telling everyone about an achievement since last weekend. Unfortunately telling them seems to have jinxed it! My care package has been in place for a year now and not once have them come and found me still in bed or in the shower. I’ve always had a set of wraps ready to wear and I’ve never been having a “crap I have no clean clothes” or other major crisis. I have been only part dressed or just in a towel a few times but that’s usually down to their changing the time and…

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    Five Things I had Forgotten About Having Carers

    According to this blog it’s nearly 9 years since I stopped having carers.  My care package to manage my lymphoedema has been in place for just over three weeks now.  And it’s going well. Most of the carers I’ve met I’ve got on well with (some I’ve only met once so it’s hard to know how I’ll get on with them) and there haven’t been any of the problems I anticipated with getting my wraps applied tightly enough. I am however remembering several things I had forgotten about having carers.  Here are five of them. 1) Your time is not your own. Just because the evening visit is scheduled for…

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    Say My Name

    I’m kinda well known for either not spotting people  I know when I’m out and about or for people knowing me but my having no clue who they are.  To be honest, that second one tends to happen a lot – as a CAB adviser I’m often the only person their someone deals with (plus I stand out because of my wheelchair) but if I’m doing drop ins I can see up to four people in a day. For slightly over two months my parents (mostly my Dad) were coming in twice a day to do personal care tasks related to some treatment for my lymphoedema.  However on Tuesday this…

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    >The Crip and The Casts

    >I tried yesterday to post a video blog from my shiny but for some reason it won’t upload.  I will endeavour to cover the main points and do so quickly as I have hospital transport coming and was told to be ready at 9.15 (8.44 now). Casts went on Monday.  that day was a huge struggle and ended in a crying, shaking, sobbing, puking meltdown that necessitated my calling my Mum round at 11:30 pm and unfortunately getting her out of bed in the process.  Basically I couldn’t get out of bed without help, I got my skirt all tangled up, couldn’t get it up or down and it was…

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    >A Few Days On

    >Not quite a week since I had the botox (tomorrow will be a week) and I think my ankles may be a little looser.  This is a very good thing.  It’s about the right timescale too as the physio said it takes 7 – 10 days to kick in.  I’m not 100% sure that’s the case, I need to get a second opinion from my dad, but it’s looking good. The first lot of casts go on on Monday.  I’m feeling a lot calmer about that now but it’s still going to be very different and possibly difficult.  I’m just hopeful I get a good result out of this.  As…

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    >Meds and Such Like

    >I think it’s safe to say that at the very least I need to go and chat to my GP about my depression.  I’m much better than I was when my antidepressant was changed to Sertraline but I’m still struggling a lot at times.  That said I don’t necessarily think I need it tweaking again but I’m not sure and I need to keep an eye on these things. And when I went to the physio she was talking about the possibility of changing my muscle relaxants.  Either an increase of my baclofen or taking something else (which said could be instead of or in addition to the baclofen).  I’m…

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    >Imagine You’re Four

    >This post was written by Kaliya Franklin and originally appeared at Benefit Scrounging Scum.  It’s reposted here with permission Imagine you’re four. You love your parents, your friends, the way the light comes through your curtains early in the morning, twinkling on the walls while you wait in your princess room patiently for mummy and daddy’s wake up time. Your favourite things are pink ballons and fairies, when it’s all a bit confusing around you you know you’re safe as long as you can catch sight of those pink flashes and know mum and dad are close. You love to give cuddles, hugs so tight there’s no room to wiggle…

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    >Perspective and a refreshing carer experience

    >Quite a lot of the other wheelchair users who live locally to me I know, at least to say hello to if nothing more. I keep seeing this guy around in a chair who I don’t know but his chair catches my eye as it’s covered in stickers and its red and it has an unusual control (or at least I’ve not seen it before). Today we were both on the train to Reading so I got a chance to chat to him and his carer. Mostly me and his carer doing the talking, you know what it’s like when two women with a common subject (disability/carers) get together. B,…

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    >Change is coming

    >After Friday I won’t be having carers any more, I gave the agency one weeks notice last week that I won’t be needing them.  It’s been a decision I’ve been considering for some time (and maybe should have made sooner) and it’s definitely the right one.  I must admit however that it does make me a little apprehensive and sad because there have been a lot of niggles and there are many reasons why this has to happen but there are a couple of people involved I will miss. I’m going to be getting a cleaner but that isn’t sorted out quite yet… I need to get a couple more…

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    >Angry Girly

    >I am angry right now.  I won’t go into too much detail but lets just say tonight is going to be really frustrating and tomorrow all hell may just break loose.  Not least because this is an issue that I have visited several times before (including in November) and you’d think the message would have got through by now. Obviously not. So angry. All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com