>A Good Things List

>When I originally wrote my Good Things List it was after three weeks without coke or chocolate.  As it’s now been more than 100 days it’s time for an update!

  • Previously I’ve had a tendency towards high blood pressure.  Today it was 128/80 or totally normal
  • Blood draws should be easier as I get thinner. Being I’m a terrible stick that’s a good thing.
  • At the beginning of the year my lifejacket straps were as big as we could adjust them.  I’ve had to tighten them a couple of times this year!
  • My measurements have changed downwards slightly.
  • My BMI has gone from 46 something to 42 something according to the nurse.
  • I bought a t shirt in a size smaller on Tuesday as they didn’t have my usual size. It’s a little tight but it’s wearable.  And it’s really cool.
  • Being down from a 26 to a 22.
  • I have gained a little weight here and there but the general trend is downwards and I’m at my lowest of this journey now.
  • I haven’t gone back above 18 stone since I hit the 17s

>My new lucky number

>I’m down three quarters of a pound this week.  Which is definitely better than nothing.  Considering I went out to eat at Prezzo last Wednesday and then went to Frankie and Benny’s on Thursday it’s actually pretty good.

I really can’t think of much else to say this week.  I did buy some new clothes this morning.  I do have to take one of the pairs of trousers back as they are a lot too small but I’d wondered that when I bought them partially because they were only £5 and also a different style to my normal.  A second pair (pinky cords) did up but was too tight.  I’m keeping those though as I think I’m not far off of being OK with those.

I wear clothes with elasticated waists a lot of the time.  They tend to fit a lot better because of my size and shape and also because of my CP I find them easier (because I don’t have to faff with buttons etc when balancing to pull them up and down – I can do it but it’s not always easy).  I’ve especially done that since I found lovely black trousers from Evans last year which are really smart but have elastic in the back.  At the beginning of the year I was wearing a size 26 in those trousers with the elastic in the back.

The cords I bought this morning?  Have absolutely no elastic in them.  And are a size 22!!

22 must be something of a lucky number for me today as my total weight loss is now 22 and a quarter pounds. *big grin*

And, as I wrote on Sunday, I’ve now passed 100 days without any coke or chocolate!!!!! *even bigger grin*

>Going Great

>One of these days I will get here to blog with enough time to write something properly.  I really will.  In fact I hope it’ll be tomorrow.  But it’s not tonight.

I weighed this morning and I was down 2lb!  Sooo pleased with that as I was convinced I’d show another gain due to yesterday’s particularly bad eating and the fact I’ve snacked a bit more this past week.  Down 12 and a half overall so that’s last weeks gain gone again and a little bit more

But I think really I have been snacking more but still less than I would have done back in the days when I was eating chocolate all the time and drinking coke.  It wasn’t unheard of for me to get to the end of a day and realise I’d had nothing to drink but coke all day and then quickly drink a small bit of water to “make it better”.  And now it’s been over a month since I’ve had either.  It’s definitely got a lot easier but I’m not sure I’d say it’s easy as such.

I am wearing brand new linen three quarter lengths from Evans in a size 22.  At the beginning of the year I was wearing a size 26 in their trousers. It’s all very yay!

Also two others things I’ve noticed

  1. I have more definition in my face.  Not much but some.  Feels a bit like my chin is a bit pointy again.  In a good way.
  2. My feet are less swollen.  My being in a chair all the time means the blood pools in my feet and they swell a bit (or a lot if I’m honest).  But not as much any more.
So it’s pretty much going good.  Add in four months with no missed meds and it’s going great, in fact.