Snow Days


Day two of my being stuck in due to snow/ice is coming to an end. It’s definitely melting but the paths right outside my house were absolutely covered in ice today. As much as my chair may well handle it for the short distance to the main road (which I suspect is clearly), it’s not worth the risk.  I may get out tomorrow if it’s improved a bit, I may not.


Snow is something that worries me. It’s pretty to look at but it’s also pretty damn inaccessible.


For the last several years I’ve often stressed myself in winter working on the panicked idea that I had to get my prescription as soon as it was ready. And that food shopping needed to be got pretty much immediately. There could be no waiting for a few days to replace the cheese (even if I didn’t need it straight away) because what if it snowed and I couldn’t get out for days on end and not having cheese became a real problem?!


It was never a real problem because I have family nearby and they would almost always be available to get anything I needed in a real crisis. And not having cheese would mean I missed out on some yummy meals but never become a real problem. (Med on the other hand…)


The biggest issue actually is my difficulty in asking for help. And how hard I find it to lose my independence. The unending sight of snow with no idea when I might get out again was a huge problem too because if you know you’re stuck here for three days you can cope. If you know you can get out if you want to but it’s difficult it’s copeable. If you use a wheelchair that might not manage the snow and there’s no definite end in sight it’s different.


I’ve been trying over the last year or so to be slightly less panicked about needing to do things immediately just in case.


I shopped Wednesday and grabbed a couple of extra bits due to the forecast but then realised when I got home I needed bread. As I was near Sainsburys on Thursday I picked up bread and a few extra bits again. I knew I had everything I needed for several days and if it snowed I’d be fine.


I was right, I’m absolutely fine for food and meds and everything even though I haven’t been out for two days.. I have enough bread etc to keep me going tomorrow and Monday, possibly Tuesday. Realistically the freezer and my cupboards could feed me several days after that but my meal choices may be slightly unusual.


But when I left the writers workshop on Thursday night as the first flurries of snow fell I felt panicked. I regretted that the workshops have changed venue. There is no shop near where they are now held but the big Sainsburys is a couple of minutes from the previous venue. I had a strong, strong urge to go and do a panic shop before I lost my ability to go out. To run round sainsburys picking up things I knew didn’t need but didn’t feel I could run the risk of not having.


I don’t even know what I would have bought, I just really felt I needed more food in the house because it was snowing. Things that it would make me feel better to have but would very possibly have been doomed to go uneaten.


My head knows I’m fine. That the snow will go in a few days and I’ll be out and about again – possibly even as soon as tomorrow. But my heart isn’t so sure.

>Why Deciding to Blog Daily is a Bad Idea if You’re Me!

>I originally planned to blog everyday this month.  I am officially never going to make that plan again.  It was something I intended to do in September and then I stared the month off with a cold that ended up on my chest.  No month of daily blogging for me!

And then I decided to do the same this month.

Tuesday I had a bit of a sore throat but nothing major.  My Dad’s had a bad cold so I was a bit concerned I was getting one but didn’t worry about it too much.  Went into Reading for the day and bought the yarn for my Mum’s Christmas present.  Also did a big chunk of writing in one of the branches of costa with a bacon sandwich.  Then when I came home I decided to have a dominos.  Usually I order a large pizza and a couple of sides (if there are on buy one get one free, otherwise just one) and have half or thereabouts and then the rest the next day.  I just ordered a large pizza (especially good willpower wise as it was Two for Tuesday on pizza).  But I ate the lot.

And woke up in the middle of the night having a gall bladder attack.  Nothing like as bad as the only other one I’ve had but still horrendous.  But did also have my first ever kidney infection as well last time.  I was scared and freaked out and thought for sure I’d end up at the doctors if not the hospital that day.  But I managed to get myself into a place where I was comfortable so long as I didn’t move which wasn’t great as I kept needing the loo or a drink due to aforementioned sore throat.  I felt a lot better when I woke up on Wednesday morning and managed to avoid the doctors.  I was however completely washed out as I’d slept so badly (was up at least four times in the night).  I ate very little all day and mostly plain foods.  By the evening I was feeling back to normal and cooped up so I popped out to see the writers saying I’d stay half an hour, mostly so I could get some fresh air.  I was there almost two hours I think.

Thursday I was a little sniffly but not to bad.  Then I went out to creative writing and the cold air set me off cough, cough, cough, cough, cough.  And a bad one too.  Wouldn’t have gone if I’d realised it would be that bad.  Completely full of cold!  Friday I was full of it and felt lousy and probably should have cancelled my plans for that evening.  But I didn’t.  Which led to us bumping into a friend of ours and a friend of hers (who I’d not met)  who was all “have you got something for that?” and declared that I really needed to see the doctor.  My mum said that it wasn’t Oh my god go to the doctor stage at that point.  And I woke up Saturday morning have dried up a lot but still quite cold-y.  I’m still coughing a lot today but it’s a lot looser and my nose isn’t dripping.

Oh and in case anyone was wondering, I am up to date with my NaNoWriMo attempts (apart from today but there’s still time).  I was very behind but I did a mammoth catch up yesterday.  I’m not where I’d like to be, however.  And my story has disappeared.  I’m going to try writing a different idea starting tomorrow (but keep the words I already have) and return to this one at some not NaNo point in the future.

Haven’t got much else to say about this week, a lot of cancelled plans, feeling bad and writing about sums it up!