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    >Thing A Day 2009 – Day Seven: New Header Image

    > I attempted to put a new customised version of kubrick on my blog as the layout as my thing today (and in fact for a while had one of my older customisations up – the one I did as one of my things during my failed attempt at thing a day in 2008).   I thought I had saved the version of the sidebar where I’d taken it to pieces and made it more me about a year and a half ago so all I would have to change were images, fonts and colours and maybe a few other tweaks (like my twitter feed)  but it appears not.  And…

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    >Thing a Day 2009 – Day Six: Colouring!

    > My mum bought me one of those doodle pad type colouring books for Christmas along with some felt tip pens.  And so today as my “thing” I spent a happy half an hour or so colouring. It was very relaxing and distracting, something I needed after a somewhat frustrating and emotional day.  I like how it looks (colours etc) but I smudged it quite a lot and it doesn’t look great so I won’t share a photo of it.  It’s been a long time since I worked with felt tip pens and it appears I forgot about watching where my hands were.  We’ll call that a learning curve. I…

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    >Thing A Day 2009 – Day Five: Beaded Bracelet

    >No photos today, I can’t get one where the flash isn’t overpowering and washes the colours out.  In fact if anyone has any photography tips for me in general that would be great.  Anyway I shall try to take a photo tomorrow in the daylight and add it back here if I can. Back in late 2006/most of 2007 I did a lot of beading and made many many elasticated bracelets.  And then although I loved doing them I let the interest slip as I have many things.  In fact all of last year, the only beading I did was to restring a couple of gemstone type bracelets which belonged…

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    >Thing a Day 2009 – Day 4: Roast Chicken and Roasted Veg

    > This is one of my absolute favourite meals but one I rarely make.   I roughly chopped half an orange pepper (I usually have red but they didn’t have any), some potatoes and some mushrooms.  Put in a pan with some olive oil and garlic granules then placed a chicken on top and roasted the lot in the one pan.  I know some people baste etc but I pretty much put it in the oven and apart from looking impatiently several times to see how much longer on the timer that’s all I do till the tinger goes. Yummy. And for the days when the chopping etc is too…

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    >Thing A Day 2009 – Day One: Twitter

    >(cross posted to Thing a Day)   My first project for Thing a Day 2009 – new images and design for my Twitter Feed (FunkyFairy22) I am also planned that one day I will do a new layout on my blog as a thing. Whether or not that will be based around these images and layout I’m not sure yet.     All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com