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The need to be grateful

I went shopping in a brand new craft shop last week.  It had one of those lifts where just the platform moves and you have to hold the button down the whole time.  It was also one where you have to open the door yourself. And on the ground floor it had a ramp up […]

>Disaster Strikes!

>I love my Kindle.  Absolutely love it.  But then I’m a huge bookworm and a bit of a techy gadget loving girl so it was an obvious step for me.  I still absolutely love real books as well and by them often but I use my Kindle a lot. Yesterday I sat outside for just […]

>Cinema Fail

>A friend and I attempted to go and see Disney’s A Christmas Carol this afternoon. I say attempted because it turned out to be the 3d version. She has unnamed neurological issues and didn’t even make it through the titles before she had to leave because it was doing a number on her vision. I […]