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    Rotation Curation for #Disability #rocur

    I’ve been curating the @OxfordIsYours twitter account.  It’s a RoCur (Rotation Curation) account for Oxford and the person who runs it said living in Oxfordshire counts. Basically RoCur is where there’s an account (often on twitter) where people take a week at a time to run it and share their experiences and tweet on the subject.  Most of these relate to places – like with Oxford Is Yours I’ve been tweeting about where I’ve been and what I’ve done – but some relate to hobbies or jobs or organisations or anything else. I’ve been enjoying it and have learned about a place in Oxford I’m going to visit soon I…

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    The Disability Blog Carnival

    Just quickly because there was a question in my comments: The disability blog carnival is technically still running. However there really haven’t been any submissions (1 since I took over in January) so it didn’t happen in February. I do have a pile of links I found and plan to post them soon but the past week got away from me and I didn’t have the capacity. I’m keen to keep this going if possible. Submissions via email to ejcrees@gmail.com or twitter @funkyfairy22

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    Disability in the media

    I’m paying a second visit over at Bea Magazine this month.  I wrote about the disability issues which were raised by the news that paralympian Oscar Pistorius has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. You can read it here: Disability and the Reeva Steenkamp Murder The coverage of disability in the media has always been problematic but I’m really hoping this might be the beginning of it changing. I suspect that it’s more likely that it will change the way violence against women is covered by the media than disability.  Still I hope. Last year I was asked to speak to the local paper about my…

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    Disability Blog Carnival – Call for Submissions

    One thing I’ve really enjoyed about blogging over the last few years is the Disability Blog Carnival that’s been run by Penny Richards from the Disability Studies, Temple U blog.  It’s been a great way to meet new people and new blogs.  And it’s made me think and learn and write about things I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. I’ve especially enjoyed the many times I hosted the carnival on the various forms this blog has taken over the years. With the plethora of social media out there now the demand for the carnival has died off and Penny decided that she wouldn’t run the carnival any more.  I’m sad to…

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    >What About The Boy by Stephen Gallup

    >A few months ago I had an e-mail from Stephen asking if I wanted to review his soon to be self published book (it’s out in September).  You can read more about the book on Stephen’s blog  or find it on Amazon. Here’s the text on the back: Nobody knew what hurt little Joseph, and no one was offering a way to help him. He cried most of the time, and thrashed about as if in pain. He wasn’t learning how to crawl, talk, or interact normally. Doctors told his parents to seek counseling, because nothing could help their son, and the quality of their own lives was at risk.…

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    >A Few One Month Before Heartbreak Links

    >I am very tired and need to go rest (waiting for my dinner to finish cooking and my mum to pop round or I’d already be in bed with a book or in a heap in front of the TV).  But I just wanted to highlight how amazing One Month Before Heartbreak has been.  I’m completely and utterly blown away by what we’ve done and the support we’ve had.  If you google “One Month Before Heartbreak” you get more than 13 thousand results.  13 THOUSAND.  that’s seriously mind boggling. I’ve not had time to share very many links or to do more than skim the posts that I’ve been scheduling…

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    >Melting Pot of Links

    >To celebrate the fact that I upgraded to the latest version of wordpress and not only is it working properly, it’s the first time in about six months I’ve upgraded and not had it go slightly wrong… I thought I would share a few links (because working WP means I can use the VRE and not code the links myself, yay!) Nelba over at Chocolachillie wrote a post about perspectives to medical care and disability and life in general (I guess).  It’s well worth a read.  And it’s called Cheap Shoes Always Squeak which is just the best blog post title I have read in, basically, forever. Kathryn’s Ryn Tale’s…

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    >Simply The Best

    >The next Disability Blog Carnival is on Thursday and it’s theme is “Simply The Best” I love this as a topic and was thinking about what to write about. Several ideas crossed my mind but nothing really seemed *right* to me. Then just as I had written off this as a topic that wasn’t for me, it hit me. The thing that had made me happiest today had a no longer really noticable to me disability beginning and that’s what’s Simply The Best. At this current moment in time, I would say that meeting people who would never have come into your life if not for your disability is Simply…