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    Rotation Curation for #Disability #rocur

    I’ve been curating the @OxfordIsYours twitter account.  It’s a RoCur (Rotation Curation) account for Oxford and the person who runs it said living in Oxfordshire counts. Basically RoCur is where there’s an account (often on twitter) where people take a week at a time to run it and share their experiences and tweet on the subject.  Most of these relate to places – like with Oxford Is Yours I’ve been tweeting about where I’ve been and what I’ve done – but some relate to hobbies or jobs or organisations or anything else. I’ve been enjoying it and have learned about a place in Oxford I’m going to visit soon I…

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    >Dear Prime Minister

    >I wrote a relatively long blog post on Tuesday and then my Internet went down and I lost it.  I do have quite a lot to blog about but not today… The cuts which will be made as a part of the Comprehensive Spending Review were announced on Wednesday.  They will seriously affect disabled people and they haven’t been properly thought through.  The government admits that they haven’t looked fully into how they will affect disabled people.  I wrote a small post about this on Disability Voices.  It includes a link to a Scope campaign about it, asking people to e-mail their MP. Fellow blogger and Disability Voices team member…

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    >More Nadine Dorries Twitter Fail

    >Nadine Dorries made further ridiculous comments, this time suggesting that being disabled is the same as being retired and also that disabled people shouldn’t go down the pub. I wrote another rebuttal over on Disability Voices. Twitter, Disabled People, Benefit Fraud… and Pubs And DV team member, Sarah Ismail, has set up a facebook group calling for Nadine Dorries’ removal as an MP due to her disablist attitude. Finally I must add that I personally am absolutely astounded and very touched to see the response my original piece on DV got, both on DV and also on Twitter. All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >When Persistence Pays Off

    >This is a bit of a follow on to my Advocacy Tips post and is cross posted to Disability Voices One of the tips I gave in that post was to be persistent.  The example I gave was one of my local supermarkets.  My chair would only go through the wide aisle checkout and it was often closed when I visited.  The staff would open it when I asked but they had a bad attitude towards doing so and made me uncomfortable.  As a result I didn’t go there often and had actually decided I wouldn’t shop there again. I had personally made something like six complaints to them, mostly…