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We’re all going on a quote hunt

I’ve been looking at disability statistics lately.  I wanted one particularly statistic and ended up getting sucked in by several different ones.  But that’s a story for a different blog entry.  One that I don’t feel like writing right now.  I was then thinking about one of those statistics and thinking that I’ve read a […]

You Know You’ve Got CP When…

Went to get my blood pressure checked (normal and I suspect I’ve now had “white coat hypertension” added to my records given how very very high it was when I saw a new to me GP last week) and have some blood taken. The results of the bloods came back a few days later as […]

When Disabilities Collide

I recently met a disabled person I hadn’t met before. We were both at the same event. We spoke but only in the context of the group, about stuff to do with the event which had nothing to do with disability..   You know how they talk about gaydar? Well, if there’s such a thing as […]

The Memory Book by Rowan Coleman

So I made a conscious decision that I wasn’t going to go on NetGalley for a while.  And I was really good.  I didn’t go on it and I ignored all their emails inviting me to read books and suggesting ones I’d like.  Then at stupid o’clock last Saturday night/Sunday morning when I really should […]

In which I get Ranty

(subtitle: and lose my shit all over the Internet.) This is ridiculous. In fact It’s the most stupid thing ever and frankly I probably shouldn’t dignify it with a response but I can’t let it go. There’s an American company called 3eLove. They sell a range of products with their logo on – the logo […]

Quick and Dirty #Disability Theory

I posted on Facebook earlier this afternoon that I’d given someone a spur of the moment elevator pitch length explanation of the social and medical models of disability and they’d understood it without my needing to clarify any further. This was, and is, a win. Especially because I really believe they actually understood it and […]

Five Books I’ve Read Recently Which Have Disabled Characters

I complain a lot that there aren’t enough disabled characters in books. I’ve read a few lately and enjoyed them so instead of updating the long list I’ve posted before (which is on my to do list but will take ages so keeps dropping down the list) I thought I’d do a short list. To […]

The National Diversity Awards

So if I were to mention the name Hannah Ensor or Stickman Communications I suspect a lot of people who read this would know who I meant. Hannah and I have known each other since our school days. Back then I was rocking the wheelie thing but not quite as well as I do now. […]


Not long after I wrote yesterday’s post it occurred to me that I’ve actually been doing a brilliant task lately of taking better care of myself. And that not only is the guilt I felt yesterday unnecessary, it’s also unwarranted. I’ve always struggled with recognising the good things I’m doing. For some reason it’s much […]


I’m bored. I’m bored of being seen only as the one in the wheelchair. I’m bored of my disability being all people remember about me I’m bored of being defined by my CP. I’m bored of complete strangers demanding to know how long I’ve been in a wheelchair Of them asking “what happened?” And then […]