Project 365 – Week 1

One of my goals for this year is to complete Project 365. One photo a day, everyday, for a year. Or at least to give it a really good go. It’s something I started doing at the beginning of last year but gave up on by the 4th or thereabouts because most of my photos were on my phone which went missing and I lost them all. So this year I’m trying it again.

Here are my first week and photos

the view as i wandered home. blue sky, buildings, cars and the power station in the distance.
Day 1
I took this on my way back from the supermarket. I wanted to take something to show how blue the sky was because it felt like it hadn’t been nice like that for ages. And then I realised that on 1st January 2014 I wouldn’t have that sight. The power station is due to cease generating this year and then be knocked down. A lot of people think it blights the landscape and it probably does BUT it was also an integral part of my childhood. In part because my Dad worked there for many years but also because you can see it for many miles. When we would be coming back from holiday we’d watch out for it and want to be the first to call out “I can see the chimney pots.” The saying was always that we weren’t home until we saw them. It might seem strange but I think I will miss seeing it in the distance.

the control and charger for my powerchair.

Day 2

This is the control and charger lead for my powerchair, whilst my chair was charging. The charger wire are showing a little bit. I took this because I wanted to send it to someone but as I’m writing this I’ve just realised I never did send it. Oops.

a large Christmas tree outside in the dark, lit with blue lights

Day 3

The Christmas tree in town, lit up. Mostly because I didn’t expect it to be there still and it is kinda pretty.


Day 4
Last night’s dinner. Pancetta and roasted veg (mushrooms, potatoes, carrots and peppers) cooked in olive oil and garlic. Very yummy. I use frozen veg and small new potatoes that don’t need prepping. Plus, pancetta that comes ready cubed and garlic granules. Out of the packet, into the oven tray and onto the plate. Easy.

My TV showing the Fraggle Rock ident on the screen.

Day 5
CITV (children’s ITV) turned 30 this week. To celebrate they’re having an Old Skool weekend and showing programmes that span the whole period – mostly old shows that aren’t on any more or older episodes of current shows (I think). I watched a bit. I didn’t make a particular effort and when I looked back at the listings I missed several of my favourites but it was cool to see stuff like Funhouse again. Fraggle Rock was something I really wanted to see so I took this picture of my TV with the Fraggle Rock ident on the screen. I have to say it was a little disappointing (but I was kinda distracted at that point) but I still freaking love the theme tune!

>Day 1

>So many people who are reading this are going to think I’m just saying this and don’t actually mean it. Especially with my track record. But here it is.

I’m trying to lose weight again. Or rather, not trying but going to do it this time. Starting today.
And I’ve already had cereal and a smoothie for breakfast this morning. I never normally eat breakfast so that’s gotta be a good start, right? Or at least the nurse keeps going on at me about how I should eat breakfast. Anyway I’m hoping to eat breakfast everyday and cut down on my snacking as well as my portion size of my lunch as a result. Perhaps I’m expecting too much of a bowl of cereal and a smoothie but we shall see.
I also think that cutting down on my eating and controling things a bit better will do a lot for my finances and making my benefits go as far as they should (finances are hard!). In June my local authority moved to a new rubbish collection system where food waste is collected separately and I’ve been really shocked at separating it out and seeing how much food I do throw away just because I plan and buy and then don’t actually use it on a consistant basis.
I’ve gotten a bit better at things like that since I started noticing it more but I know I still have a long way to go with using food more responsibly. Both in terms of my eating and my weight but also in terms of wastage too.
I’ve decided that I’m going to take part in the Healthy You challenge over at Scale Junkie every Tuesday as a method of support.