>Is there anything you wish everyone knew about disability or something you’d like to see in the school curriculum?


Is there anything you wish everyone knew about disability or something you’d like to see in the school curriculum?  [This probably sounds like a stupid question, but I think a lot of people are just ignorant, rather than disablist]
That’s a pretty tough one to answer. It’s pretty much impossible to come up with stuff that everyone should know about disability because there’s such a wide range of disabilities. And also such a variation with the same type of disability between person to person. Even us crips don’t know everything about disability as a whole – we know about our condition and how it affects us personally. And we know bits about others. For example I have a friend who also has CP. Before she’s said things to me like “we can’t do this. we’ve both got CP.” and I’ve had to turn round and go “well, actually…”

I suppose probably the main thing would be that disabled people are just people who want to be treated with respect like everyone else. We’re not special or brave or inspiring, just people. And no, we aren’t “normal” but there isn’t such thing.

Changing the subject slightly, I disagree with your comment that people are just ignorant rather than disabiilst. That might be the case however in this day and age there is absolutely no excuse for it. After all, if someone said something racist or homophobic they would be expected to know what they said was wrong – ignorance wouldn’t be an acceptable excuse. Why should it be so for disabilism?

>One Month and general witterings

>Today has been a relatively chilled day.

I’ve been reading and knitting and relaxing and also getting stuff done! Which is good as it occurred to me earlier just how crazy busy my busy week will be.  Tomorrow I’m in the bureau (as an extra) and then sailing.  I need to go a few places in between, do some writing, do some exercise etc etc.  I’ve actually been wondering what possessed me to say I would go but it will actually all fit in and I know it will so I need to stop stressing!!  I’m also going to two different shows this week, and have another one off commitment,.

I just spent a while answering a load of questions which were left on my Formspring page.  Great fun.  They were some thought provoking questions too.  I’m not sure whether some of my answers will be what the asker expected but we shall see.  Why not go over and ask me some more?  You don’t have to be a member.

June goals are Southern Cross Novel Challenge, daily exercise, and keep up the no coke and chocolate for as long as possible.

And I’ve officially made it through the entire month of may with no coke, no chocolate and only two lots of pizza.  Wooo fucking Hooo.