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>Guilt, Guilt, Guilt!

>Today is a tough day.  I am very glad it is nearly over!I’ve been trying (and failing, I might add) to write out and explain the whats and whys and wherefores for some time.The short version is the battery on my powerchair died on me in town earlier and I had to call in favours […]

>It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

>And it’s only 1st October!  And it’s looked a lot like Christmas for about two weeks.  Christmas stuff every where in the shops – completely ridiculous.  It sort of makes me mad in a way and it makes me feel really old but I can’t help thinking that it wasn’t like this when I was […]

>My Heart is Heavy

>My heart is heavy today. And truthfully, has been for a few days but today brought news that focussed it all for me.Several people on the periphery of my life have had challenging, tough and scary times over the last week or so and it makes me ache for them, worry about them, feel.So my […]