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In which I ramble and am grouchy when it comes to “awareness”

(I was going to title this “why I’m not blogging about CP awareness day” and then I realised that by writing this I pretty much was blogging about CP awareness day just not in the way most people are and that would be a pointless title) So. Word on the street the internet is that […]

Inspiration Porn

Tonight is the yearly Children in Need appeal here in the UK. BBC One is taken over by a telethon for about seven hours. The idea is to raise money to help disadvantaged children. So you see video clips of children from other countries walking miles for water, young carers helping their mum or dad […]


I’m reading a good book at the moment.  I hope to finish it tonight and I’ll review it for my blog in the next few days most likely.  When I flicked to the back to see how many pages it has I noticed that on the page after the end of the story there is […]

>I am now A Writer In A Wheelchair AND In Print!

>This is a really, really exciting update!  Brought to you by a really, really, really excited cripple!! You may remember that a few weeks ago I briefly mentioned that I’d had an magazine article accepted for publication. Well, that article was accepted by Disability Now (for their Up Close and Personal section) and I got […]

>And now for something completely different…

>Just thought that this was worth sharing… Will be back later, probably.Accept that some days you’re the pigeon,and some days you’re the statue.Always keep your words soft and sweet,just in case you have to eat them.Always read stuff that will make you lookgood if you die in the middle of it.Drive carefully. It’s not only […]

>Canvas Bags – Tim Minchin

> Take your canvas bagsWhen you goTo the supermarketWhy use plastic bags when you knowYou know the world can’t take itTake your canvas bagsWhen you goTo the supermarket market marketDon’t you use those plastic onesNo, no, noDon’t you know that you’ll feel better for itTake your canvas bagsTake your canvas bagsTake your canvas bagsTo the […]

>Let battle commence

>Social Services are going to be stopping my support from them as I no longer meet the criteria. This all happened at a supposed “review” at the end of April.And I got a letter from my GP and wrote to my social worker with a copy of this stating that 1) I wanted the decision […]

>My Grown Up Christmas List

>This is the song that my new layout was inspired by. The version I have is sung by Amy Grant although I understand it’s also been done by other artists including Michael Buble and Kelly Clarkson.I really like the melody of it and the meaning behind the lyrics. To me, they paint a very vivid […]

>Be The Change You Want To See In The World

>I’m making a few changes in my life…. inspired I think by my experiences on my JST trip. So some of you might find I’m not talking with you on MSN or commenting on your blogs as often. Actually I did delete a couple of people from my messenger lists as well. As you’ve probably […]

>Militant Miss Emma

>My mum and I went shopping on Wednesday to get me some stuff for my trip. We had an extremely successful trip and didn’t spend anything like as much as I thought we might. So I got: a pair of boots, a waterproof warm jacket, two fleeces, a bum bag, a cord to keep my […]