Two rarely seen finished objects

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about how I have the curse of the unfinished object.

Well, since then I finished two of the unfinished projects I mentioned (and attempted a new project but it didn’t work)

20160115_181402.jpgHere is the hat I made with my knitting loom.  This picture shows the colours best I think – it’s a chunky colour changing yarn in shades of pinks and purples with a little black.  Because the loom knitting is done working in the round it’s done solely in knit stitch but comes out in stockinette. I finished this a few days after I wrote the above linked blog post.

20160131_180349.jpgThis is the finished scarf.  I started this a few days before my sister’s wedding back in September, finished the knitting yesterday and sorted out the ends this afternoon. It’s made with the same chunky yarn and is knitted in garter stitch on 12mm knitting needles. It’s quite wide!

20160131_180427.jpgClose up on the stithces of the scarf.

20160131_180934.jpgA matching set! Me wearing both the hat and scarf together.

You Know You’re a Knitter When…

…you spend a long time being ranty about the difference between knitting and crochet.

I was sent a review copy of The A to Z of You and Me by James Hannah.  It’s being released today (12th March) and it was a good read with an interesting style that felt different and refreshing.  I don’t want to say I enjoyed it because it was a tricky subject matter and whilst not upsetting it wasn’t particularly comfortable.  It did make me think and was skillfully done which avoided it being an upsetting book.  Plus it managed to surprise me unexpectedly at the end.  I have seen other reviews saying it made people cry but frankly I’m not a big crier at books.

When I was sent the book I was told that a key part of the plot involves a blanket that’s been made for the main character.  And as a part of the publicity for this I was sent a learn to knit kit (I knew how to knit already though) to make a square and send it back.  The idea being that people would read the book, review it and knit a square then send them back to the publishers.  The squares would be made into a blanket and the blanket would go on the book tour.  Or something. I made a square and sent it off but I’m not sure what’s happening with that.

So anyway I was on the train yesterday on the way to go collect my new glasses.  And I’m reading the A to Z of You and Me.  I’m liking it but I’m very aware that having just reading the amazing Letters to the Lost as good as The A to Z of You and Me is (and it is) it’s a pale comparison.  If I’d read it first I may well have been a bit more wow about it.

Then I got to a bit where someone is crocheting and I’m thinking “hmm crochet?” and a bit confused because knitting had been mentioned to me. But I figured well, maybe she does both (I do after all).

Then a bit later the blanket is introduced.  And it sounds like an absolutely amazing blanket.  The sort of thing that (if it were real) I’d not have the patience to make, let alone the skill.  Although to be completely honest my lack of patience is a big part of why I lack skills.

But this amazing blanket is actually crocheted. And I swear at that point I had to stop reading for a few minutes and be ranty in my head about knitting versus crochet.  I thought it several other times too.  I found The A to Z of You and Me to be quite a fast read because of it’s style which broke it down into small (letter based) chunks.  It probably would have been a quicker read if I’d not for my knitting versus crochet rantiness.

That’s not to say that it ruined the book because it didn’t.  Or that it’s not worth reading because it is.

My point basically is it’s a good book but in a unrelated tangent that; seems unexpectedly to be very important to the crafter to me, crochet and knitting are different things.  And after seeing yarn bombing moments in the book I’m sort of tempted to do some of that but I don’t think I have the nerve.

You Know You’re A Knitter When…

… you end up sat next to a couple of people (a family) at an event. And you can tell straight away that one of them is wearing a (pretty fun) hand knit jumper.  Not only that but I was pretty sure I could tell from the look of it what yarn had been used. Because it was done in one of those varying self striping yarns in a very distinct colour way (It’s been discontinued although a quick google tells me some places still have some colours of it).

I had two balls of that exact colourway and knitted myself a scarf with it years ago.  I can see the remnant in one of my yarn boxes now and I don’t think there’s enough to do anything with.  I’m hankering to get it out though,

I checked and the mum of the family told me she had knit it for her son.  I didn’t ask her if I was right about the yarn she used.  I didn’t want her to think I was weird.

But now I’ve come home and blogged about it probably everyone reading it will think I’m weird. So perhaps I should have asked her after all.

You know you’re a knitter (and a crocheter) when…

…you declutter your house and gathering (almost*) all your yarn into one place looks like this


Image description: Two clear 80 litre (aka absolutely fucking huge) storage boxes side by side on my bed which has a white frame and dark purple duvet. They are full to the brim of yarn of all different colours and textures – mostly DK but some is different weights. My collection of knitting needles of various sizes is sticking out of one of the boxes. The lids aren’t on in this picture and they are so full my mum had real difficulty getting them on when she put the boxes away.

*I thought that the only yarn I’d left out was the stuff I’m using for my current crochet project and the yarn for the knitting project I might do next. But then mum and I kept sorting my bedroom and did find several (maybe 7) more full or part balls.

You know you’ve got CP when…

…knitting in your powerchair looks like this:


A ball of black and silver sparkly yarn (Sirdar Firefly) with a hole in the middle balanced on the control of my powerchair. The joystick is through the middle sort of like a spindle.

And knitting your manual chair looks like this:


The same yarn balanced on my manual chair. The brake is acting as a spindle. The ball is slightly smaller here (it comes wrapped on a ring of card) and the central hole is larger.


>Good: Writing a To Do List of writing tasks
Bad: Realising I have more writing tasks to do then I thought I did

Good: Getting three things done off the to do list
Bad: Showing the list to Mum and having her point out I missed something off of it

Good: having a clean house
Bad: cleaner (male) calling me love and “my love” so many times I lost track

Good: No one has cancelled sailing for tonight
Bad: High probability of getting there to discover it’s off

Good: Starting a lovely new knitting piece
Bad: Not being quite sure if you’ve gone wrong with said knitting and if you have, where you did.

Good: Weight this morning was 17st and half a pound
Bad: Can’t find the piece of paper so I can’t work out the difference from last week

Good: Squashed fly biscuits and diet lemonade
Bad: nothing really

>Bits of news

>A few quick bits of news.

  • A project I’ve been taking part in for the past several weeks and not really enjoying as much as I hoped ended (for me at least) today. I’d thought about dropping out so the fact I finished it is great.
  • I am on page 31 of Script Frenzy but I need to put the last few pages in celtx so they are properly formatted.  It’s slowly moving away from a script to more of a NaNo novel (but without the word count) so hopefully going back to actually writing in celtx will help that.
  • I woke up this morning completely full of cold which is lovely(!)
  • Did a big chunk of square knitting for the first time since I think February this evening. Yay! Much
    faster than the Fair Isle project I’m working on although that looks great.
  • My oven broke on Monday.  Hopefully getting fixed on Wednesday.  It’s interesting not having an oven…
  • It was sunny today!

>Chilled Celebrations

>Today is my Dad’s 60th Birthday.

We had a lovely chilled day – first my dad picked me up and we went to check out access for something then he dropped me home and I raced round like a mad thing for half an hour trying to wrap his present and get everything I needed to spend a whole day out the house.
Then I transferred to my powerchair and walked up to my parents – what with my knitting and present and a box of sweets and an extra layer for walking home and a knitted gift I took to show my mum as well as all the little bits you need I ended up with my big flowery bag, my handbag and a carrier too.
We did presents and stuff for my Dad and it was great because he thought we were done with them and then my brother popped to his car “for his slippers” and came back in with the huge main present. My Dad’s face was a picture at that point – he was ecstatic with the TV we got him and so shocked.
Everyone else messed around snacking and sorting lunch and setting up dad’s tv. I played with my DS a bit (got the 42 all time classics game for my birthday) and we watched The Grinch but i have to say I wasn’t really paying attention.
Huge yummy roast for lunch and it really did feel like it should be Christmas Day – I’m in the bureau tomorrow and that just feels wrong! I think we all ate much more than we should have but I just can’t say no to those roast potatoes (or the little sausage rolls that were there for snacking on before lunch). LOL time to diet again after Christmas me thinks!
I’d been using my walker all morning but Dad got my Nan’s old wheelchair in for me to use just after lunch. Mum tried to convince me to keep walking and sitting in a chair but as much as the fact I need to be moving more is becoming obvious (a topic I must blog on soon) a whole day with the walker would probably have left me struggling for a few days to come. I think that’s actually the first time since I got the action3 that I’ve been in it and it made me think just what a poor fit for me that chair is.
Dad stuck a DVD he got for his birthday on but I was trying to knit (gave up because I think I’d copied the pattern out wrong) and then playing on my DS. I also tried to read a bit of a book I borrowed from my mum. Didn’t manage more than about 15 pages though. I was really sleepy but was the only person who didn’t sleep at all in the afternoon. Doubt I’ll manage that on Christmas Day though, an afternoon sleep is a given!
We also watched a load of Fawlty Towers (which I’ve never really watched a lot of before and enjoyed), maybe three episodes as Dad got that for his birthday too. Then we had a quiz my dad had made up in the evening which was a bit bizarre but fun and played a few games.
I think everyone else was going to watch another film but as it’s not one i’m in to and it was getting late I came home.
I curled up in my action3 all comfy with a heat pack and read A Christmas Carol cover to cover. Which was lovely.
Now I just came online quickly to check my e-mail and have been here longer than planned so I’m going to BED!

>101 in 1001 – Item 30…


Join a Stitch and Bitch type group
…has been completed!
That’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. In fact since before I learned to knit (because I sometimes cross stitch too and was going to go and do that) but things kept getting in the way of my going to the Oxford one.
But a couple of weeks ago I heard that two acquaintances were going to go to a Stitch and Bitch the next afternoon at the Arts Centre and I invited myself along.
It’s a very small group as each of the three times I’ve been there’s been me one of my acquaintances (both have been but not both at the same time!) and another lady who seems so far to be interesting to talk to. I’ve been enjoying it a lot. Just really hoping it keeps going and that we get a few more people.
I find I can get quite a lot of my knitting done in that hour and a half. It’s quite relaxing too. Originally I had assumed it would have been in the cafe area but we pay £2 each and use one of the rooms which is much better because we have space to spread out a bit and it’s easier to chat without people everywhere and screaming kids.
Sometimes I find going to new things hard to do not because of the access issues that may or may not exist but more because of my confidence which isn’t always the best with new things. So I’m really glad I was able to do this 🙂

>Tension Headache

>I’ve been planning for a while to attempt my first proper “wearable” knitting project – a cardi (actually a lace pattern so that’s another first in there too).  I bought yarn I think will do on Saturday and it was actually much less than I thought I would need to spend.

An easy first step should have been the swatching – to check what size a set number of stitches and rows comes out so I can adjust as necessary.  Because if you knit tighter or looser than average that will effect the fit.  I’ve never swatched before.  But I got the principle.

Only I then looked at the pattern and saw what it called for for tension squares (well, eventually.  turns out it’s on the designer’s website but if it’s in the PDF I bought I can’t bloody see it).  And it actually seems much more complicated than I thought it would be.  Lots of googling and advice from a friend and I think I know what I need to do (although I did e-mail the designer to ask when Ravelry failed me).

My knitting tutor talked about breaking patterns down into small bits and practicing each step until you get it.  And certainly just doing a few rows of the lace pattern made me realise how simple it was without even getting halfway though it before stopping.  Breaking this pattern down into steps makes it seem more doable.

Getting started however, doesn’t.  And I’ve already given myself a headache.