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    I can’t remember where but a few weeks ago I read something that I’ve been thinking about on and off ever since. It said that in the future our descendants won’t need to employ traditional genalogy techniques to learn about us. Because what they know about us will be from our facebook posts, tweets, and blogs. I like that idea because it means that potentially (should it turn out to be true) it means those in the future will know a lot more about my past then I will tell them. And they’ll know more about me than I do my own ancestors. I knew all of my grandparents and…

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    >Dear Russell T Davis and the Torchwood production team, I. absolutely. LOVED. that last episode.  But seriously, as the last in the series?  Cruel and unusual punishment, that. Why must you do this to me? Why I ask you?!   WHY?! I guess we could call that a successful series finale and a brilliant cliffhanger. But please start series three really soon.  Like tomorrow.  Or in the next five minutes, that would be even better. ~Me All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >Letters Unsent

    >Dear Starbucks, If you must have stupid banner things outside your shops then you must (but only if you really, really must). I suppose that was kinda ok. But for the love of god either leave them to wave around properly in the wind or weigh them down properly. You know, doing it so that the god damn weight doesn’t get caught by the wind. In fact, do it so there is no chance in hell of that happening would be your best bet. Because when those banner things get caught by the wind and then sent by the wind in your wheels and the weighted part hits you in…

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    >A Letter Unsent

    >Dear you, I know you’ll never read this and even if you did you wouldn’t understand it. But sometimes a girl’s just gotta get some stuff off of her chest. If I need help I will ask. Don’t just stick your hand on my side without saying a word and then act all offended when I ask what you’re doing. Don’t assume that there’s a chance I’m going to fall as I’m transferring and that you putting you hand on my side just above my hip will prevent that happening. It’s just really rude, really off putting and substantially increases the chances that I actually will fall! I know from…

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    >Letter to My Gran

    >Darling Dearest Granny, You used to use one or the other of those greetings when you would write me letters and I thought I would use both to start this letter to you. You were both of those things to me and so much more. More than I could ever express on paper or to someone who didn’t know you and didn’t know all the wonderful little and big things that made you who you were, who you ARE. My Darling Dearest Granny. You’ve been on my mind a lot lately. Because you being you allowed me to do something that I’ve wanted to do for a long while. And…

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    >What is, and is not, a toy

    >Dear you, It appears that the following wasn’t 100% clear to some people so let me reiterate it: When we tell people who are waiting to be seen that we have a few toys for their kids to play with, we mean the ones in the toybox. We do not now, nor have we ever, meant the computers, panic alarms, mousemats, the advisers bodies and clothes, the doors, the donations boxes or MY ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR. I know I’m not using my chair in the bureau and it’s just behind the reception desk but that still doesn’t mean that it’s a toy. Also given the fact that your child is about…

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    >I love writing these “Letter Unsent” but I could do without it.

    >Dear medical people of the world, You know the part of medical school where they suggested telling your patients that the deterioration CP-ers tend to face once they hit their twenties is to be expected and just like that which frequently causes professional sports players to retire in their thirties? Yes, that part, you know what I mean. It was a shit part of medical school, it really was and you should have known better than to repeat it to me. And also, telling me I can’t be getting worse as CP is “static” and need no more treatment other than to take more baclofen when you haven’t even examined…

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    >Stop asking questions!

    >Dear People of the World, I know we’ve only just met and I realise that after our brief meeting we will probably never meet again but of course I don’t mind answering your questions! No, I do not have Multiple SclerosisNo, I do not have PolioNo, I was not in an accidentBelieving in God is not a magic cure to being disabledI am not like this because I sinned in a previous lifeI am not marriedAnd yes I am doing something special this afternoon – I have plans!Yes, I can hear and speakI even went to universityI know it’s shocking but I am perfectly capable of being a CAB adviserThe…

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    >A final goodbye

    >Dear Gran, One of my carers suggested I do this. She suggested I write it in a card and place it with you as your body takes it’s last journey tomorrow… But I find it easier to type and I think the idea of this easier to deal with and more comforting than a card. I know that you will know this wherever you are… you probably already know what is in my Heart and what I’m going to say and I’ve yet to write it, I don’t really know what I’m going to say to you yet. Tomorrow is your funeral. Oh how I wish it wasn’t! I can…

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    >One More Day… A letter which sadly, oh so sadly, must remain unsent

    >Dear Nanny, A year is a long, long, long time. Yet in other ways it seems as though mere minutes have passed instead of 365 long and lonely days since you left us. Tomorrow is a year and however much I might wish I could change that fact I can’t. So long since I hugged you close and said “love you lots” as I left your house or as we hung up the phone. So long since I asked you how you were you and answered “I am, are you?” So long since you came to mums house for lunch and said “oh Jane…” when you saw how much she’d…