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    >I got the blahs

    >I was in Reading most of yesterday shopping so didn’t get here.  And truthfully, when I got home, I just couldn’t be bothered. Yet again no change in my weight. I’ve had this week off of work but don’t feel rested at all, it’s actually been pretty stressful as a result of what I got asked to do today.  I am looking forward to it but differences in attitudes have stressed me out.  😈   I’m getting picked up in 10 minutes, more on that later. It’s all pretty blah at the moment anyway. 👿 All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >Writing and Weight and Fireworks

    >The good thing about doing both NaBloPoMo AND NaNoWriMo is that on days when I don’t really have any inspiration for my blog entry I just simply tell you what my NaNo word count is and witter on about that for a while. I have 3580 words for NaNo so far, I’ve set up three characters and mentioned a third and fourth. Other than that not much has happened other that a shit load of padding it out. Still, that;s half the fun. And I suddenly like what I’ve written this afternoon which is always good. I am slightly ahead of the curve at the moment but I haven’t written…

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    >No loss again this week. Which actually I guess is a good thing.  Because I means that I. Am. Maintaining. My. Weight!! I’ve lost 23lb since July and I’m keeping it off.  Yayness.  Maintaining even when it’s accidental and happening instead of continuing loss, rocks. I would, however, love to lose another 5lb this year. All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >Everything still remains the same…

    >No loss this week. No gain either. I have been really doing well (I thought) this week but lets just say that I had suspected my body wouldn’t show a loss this week for various reasons.   My waist measures exactly the same today as it did on Sept 19th which I again am not surprised by. Hopefully things will be working properly again by next week and I may see some progress. All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >Week four?

    >I think it’s week four of the Look Great in 2008 challenge, anyway. I’m down another 1lb for a total of 23lb now.  Which I’m pleased about.  I haven’t had time to do measurements and I’m sneaking on at CAB now so I will do them later and add them in. I’m trying to come up with something of a plan to allow me to stop feeling like I’m floundering and treading water and allow me to actually work on this again.  Otherwise I will not be looking great in 2008, I’ll still be working on it.  I think the plan will involve weights, some of the goals in my…

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    >Look Great in 2008

    >It’s Wednesday.  And on Wednesdays I check in for Tales from the Scales. My scales seem to be broken because they wanted me to think I had lost 40lb in one week.  One week, people!  totally not possible, although a lovely number to see!  So I suspect a new battery will be being bought at the weekend or maybe some new scales. I’ve still been pretty  crazy busy over the last week, travelling all over the country to see friends and having a surprise visit from another friend.  So I haven’t been focusing too much on the weight loss thang.  And I have been drinking cocktails.  Cocktails are yummy and…

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    >It seems my gain from last week was related to the fact that the Red Army came to town a day or so later.  For some reason I had lost all track of such things and hadn’t realised from the way I felt that was soon.  Which probably explains why I was so irrational last week.  And this week, all three of the lb I had regained have gone, along with two more! So I’m down 5lb for a total of 22lb.  And I’m in virgin fat territory again. I am still full of cold and generally feeling a bit yucky but I went to work anyway and it was…

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    >It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

    >And it’s only 1st October!  And it’s looked a lot like Christmas for about two weeks.  Christmas stuff every where in the shops – completely ridiculous.  It sort of makes me mad in a way and it makes me feel really old but I can’t help thinking that it wasn’t like this when I was young (“back in my day…”).  The end of October is more than early enough to start buying sweets and stuff (or even too early still). if I bought them now I would eat them. But it’s not just shops – my mother brought the Christmas Cake yesterday.  On the last day of September. In other…

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    >Look Great in 2008 Week One!

    >I’m up 1lb. Which is ok. Trouble is last week I had regained 2lb. So that’s 3lb that had gone now back here visiting again. And I’m grateful it’s not more because I did eat out twice yesterday and I did binge a couple of times this week. When I weighed earlier in the week it looked like I’d gained more. If I got a report on my weight loss it would probably say “Emma tries hard but could do better.” That’s ok. but it’s also sucky considering that I was loser of the week this week. But all I can do is go onwards and upwards. And take it…

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    >If you are here from Tales From The Scales – Welcome. Or if you’ve been here before either from TFTS or somewhere else – Welcome Back! If you never go to the TFTS site, go now. And check out This post. I’m the Loser of the Week this week!! I won’t repeat the stuff I wrote from the site because you can go there and read it (and comment, and maybe, be inspired to join the new challenge?) Beth has put both of the before and after photos I shared as one image and even I could see the difference there – so I will share that here. Something I…