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    Monday Music: All About That Chair

    It’s ages since I did a Monday Music post. I quite like Megan Trainor’s All About That Bass.  But if I am going to share a version of that song it’s not going to be that one.  Because you know I’m all about that disability bout that disability bout that disability (sorry I couldn’t resist). A you tuber called Heather Schouten who uses a wheelchair has done a version called All About That Chair. And it’s incredible. I can’t find a copy of the lyrics but this article in The Independent includes some of them. The article in my opinion borders on inspiration porn and probably sees things in the…

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    Monday Music: True Colors

    Feels like ages since I’ve done one of these Monday Music posts. One of my favourite old songs is True Colours. It’s just a brilliant song with lyrics that call out to me and a melody that gets stuck in my head without fail. I also think its a really encouraging song with its message about being yourself and not hiding away. I’m also really big on disability pride and of our culture as disabled people. Which is why this new version of the song is so fabulous for me. It’s performed by The British Paraorchestra and features several Paralympic athletes and the Kaos Signing Choir (which is a choir…

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    >Monday Music – Space Rabbits of Brocklevoon

    >Myself and two friends went to see The Spooky Men’s Chorale recently. They were supported by Kate Rowe. And as soon as I heard her Space Rabbits of Brocklevoon song I knew it had to be a Monday Music on my blog. Why? Spoons. The whole song is based around spoon stealing. You could tell the audience liked it. But with two of the three of us using The Spoon Theory in our own lives sometimes and the third knowing of it. Lots and lots and lots of laughter. It was such a brilliant coincidence and a bit of an inside joke type because it had unique to us meaning.…

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    >Monday Music – Somewhere Only We Know

    >Because I’ve loved every version of this song I’ve heard. And because I love Glee. Wasn’t a huge fan of the way Kurt went from Dalton back to McKinley just. like. that. though. Totally unrealistic if you ask me. Anyway. I’ve got a half written short story somewhere based around this song as inspiration (I often use quotes or lyrics as starting points for writing). I’ve been planning to get writing again. Perhaps that would be a good starting point? All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >Monday Music – The One and Only

    > This is The One and Only by Chesney Hawkes.  It’s cheesy as but it’s also my all time favourite song. If ever we go out and I ask for a request or someone asks for one for me, this is what gets chosen. On Saturday I was talking to someone about being disabled.  She commented that there aren’t many people like me and made an offhand comment about how I should write an article  for a local ish newsletter thing about it. I think it was my specific comment that I would turn down a cure which made her say that. I think it was probably intended as a…

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    >Monday Music – God Thinks

    >I thought I’d try and make this Monday Music thing a weekly occurrence. This is God Thinks by Voltaire which I absolutely love.   I was going to write about why I love it and my problems with religion but actually I’m tired and I think the song gets the message across quite well. As before, the lyrics are in the video All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >Monday Music – Proud

    >On my old blog I used to occasionally post songs and such like and those posts were categorised as “Songs of My Life”  I was thinking yesterday about starting something like that again.  And then I thought “Monday Music.” This is Heather Small – Proud (I won’t post the lyrics as they basically are all of the video which I hope makes it accessible).  I really love this song.  And I especially love the idea of finding one thing each day to be proud of.  It’s something else that I’ve been thinking about bringing back to my blogging.  I used to find it hard at times to find something to…