>A few writing thoughts

>I can’t remember if I shared this already but by the end of November I was still loving the writing but I was just done with the project I was working on. Totally bored of it. Talking to others who did NaNo that seemed to be pretty normal thing. I’d probably go as far as to say its an expected part of the nanowrimo process. But that said I don’t remember it being as hard in years gone by. I did have several instances of life kicking me in the teeth in other ways during the month though.

Two weeks later however I’m finding that I’m really missing the writing. I can go many months without doing a lot of writing but this year the habit seems to be sticking much more. I’m absolutely itching to do some real writing and I can’t wait to find another completely free day and dedicate it to my craft. Sadly that’s not likely to be very soon.

My writing is going to be my big thing in 2012 I think. Or at least I hope so.

>Somethings are more important

>I had hoped to update my blog this evening with the news that I had won NaNoWriMo for the third fourth (was sure it would be the third but then after I hit publish I looked on the NaNo site which says otherwise) time.  But that was not to be.

I am so close to winning that it’s pretty much a given that will happen.  Just not today.  I have about 4K left I think.  In all honest it’s a bit of a mess though as I’ve ended up writing bits of both the projects I considered dong for NaNo and a tiny bit of a short story that landed in my brain part way through the month.  Not great but I am very much enjoying the writing.  I hope to continue writing daily because regardless of the quality or whether I do anything with it, I think I’m getting a lot out of it.  Even if I did write so much yesterday that I had to force myself to stop as my fingers ached.

Instead I went to bed last night with the idea that I’d leave the alarm off and sleep until I woke naturally. End result being it was midday before I woke properly and got up.  I did feel a hell of a lot better for it!

Then I popped briefly to the supermarket and since then I’ve been mostly watching Downton Abbey on DVD and knitting.  My DVD player appears to have a problem though as they had a very green tinge to them!

Apart from that I went to my parents house for a lovely lovely roast Lamb dinner with the family.  We watched a film there too.  I forget what it’s called.

I just put the computer on to do more writing but when I logged into Y! Messenger (which I set back to auto log in, something I ought to do with MSN) and now I’m chatting with an old friend who I’ve not spoken to properly in months.  It’s very nice to catch up 🙂 and somethings are much more important then writing 😉

>Stop! NaNo Time!

>Yes it is indeed that most wonderful time of the year – NaNoWriMo. And just because the madness that is writing 50 thousand words in 30 days wasn’t enough for me this year I’m also one of the Municipal Liaisons for Oxfordshire.

It’s going well so far although not as well or as fast as I’d hoped.  I’ve been very lacking in motivation for the past day or so which means I’ve not hit the goals I’d set for myself but I have hit and exceeded the standard day one and day two goals.  The goal is 1,667 words a day and I’m ending day two with 4,462 words meaning I’m over 1000 words ahead of where I needed to be. Good stuff.  I am trying to take care of myself and not beat myself about missed goals etc.

My motivation does seem to be coming back tonight and I’ll need to channel some of that into other things like doing some washing and cleaning out the fridge tomorrow.  But I’m at that week one of NaNo point where I’m remembering how much I enjoy it and it’s getting easier.

Being ML is very different to how I expected but I think I like it.  We gave everyone at the kick off party four index cards and had them write down a situation (or place), a person (either the name of a real person or a type of person), an object and an action.  I am loving the level of creativity in those and the amount of detail some people went into is astounding.  I’m posting one or two of those prompts to our regional forum each day and so far they seem to be triggering interesting discussion.  Today we had a radioactive tea bag and swimming as our two prompts.  Yesterday’s prompt was to add some monkeys.

>End of November Updates

>I have zero time for a proper update.

I’ve just posted an update post below this where I hope to track how I do with my main goals each day this month. Hoping having it visible for comments will help me keep on track better than the spreadsheet idea did (went out the window after about five days).
Lost 1lb this week! So that’s the one I gained last week, gone.
and means that in November 2009
I wrote 60,594 words for NaNoWriMo making me a winner for the first time since 2006 (I think)
And I lost 5lb!


>Official validation and the lovely purple verified winner bars aren’t available for a few more days but the brilliant news is too good to share! I’ve gone from a blue progress bar (under 50K) to a green one!

And I always knew I’d look good in green, but I didn’t know I’d look this good.
Current word count is 50,014 but the month is still young.
Can’t wait to validate and get my official winner icons and such like in a few days.

>[insert witty and amusing title here]

>I am tired right now but I want to get this done sooner than later. Plus I’m not sure I’m tired as such as fried my brain. We shall see.

This week I’ve managed several times to turn down things I wanted or to make healthier choices. The smaller pizza in Pizza Hut rather than the bigger one. Turned down the free biscuits, cake and bacon sandwiches on the train and just took the free drink that sort of thing. And as I already said a few days ago I’ve done a lot more wheeling of my manual chair than I usually would.

The main news this week, however, is that I think having my new desk is going to do wonders for my diet. Previously I was eating pretty much all of my meals whilst I was on the computer and I was also snacking on here as well. Truly my old desk was such a huge mess. A lot of it was from 3 years of hard daily use and it having a busted leg. But quite a big part of it if I’m honest was as a result of my using it as a table to eat off of it.

Ever since my parents took my old desk down on Thursday night I have eaten one meal at my desk and NO SNACKS there. Which in reality means my snacking has been cut down quite a lot as previously I could do so without thinking really, just grab something and come back here to whatever I was doing. And as I was usually writing or online or both whilst eating/snacking I was always paying atttention to what I was eating. Which meant it’s not unheard of for me to be eating, finish my meal or snack or whatever and then expect there to be some left because it’s been mindless.
I’m not denying myself snacks or whatever just having them in front of the computer and so far I’ve not really missed them. So I’ve just not had them. I guess that’s a pointer to just how ingrained in habit some of my eating had become. Or a lot of it. Maybe even most of it, it’s hard to know for sure.
And this is the second week running where I’ve managed one day with no coke and another with no chocolate. Hoping that next week I can manage the same but also add in one day of neither. That would rock.
It’s quite a small baby step type goal (or actually both the cutting down the coke and chocolate as I just described above and the not eating on my computer are small baby step goals come to think of it) but it’s a start and I think small is the way to start.
Besides, given the mammoth NaNo goal I’ve just set for myself, I can’t handle any other big goals right about now.
The best news however is that I’m down another 3lb! Woo!

>Can’t blog, writing.

>Just a quickie – NaNoWriMo is going well after I had a complete crisis on confidence on Thursday over it. Everyone in the Oxfordshire forum on their was lovely and encouraging. And I also posted a thread in the “NaNoWriMo Ate My Soul” forum too and a couple of people from there were lovely too.

I met a few new to me wrimos in my favourite Reading coffee shop this afternoon too, that was fun.
My goal before the end of the weekend was 30K – I was on 24K and some odd at that point. Now almost on 28K and knackered but reckoning on an hours solid writing to get me to that goal. Really really going to have to go to bed but must admit to wanting to stay up and get those words done. But as my Dad is probably coming round to put some more of my new furniture around tomorrow and I’m back in the bureau on Monday I fear bed must win out.
28K is more than I wrote last year OR the year before! Both of which years I got stuck around 25K, must look the exact word counts up (can’t find them right now, GRR).

>Going Down!

>Brief check in for the Healthy You Challenge this week.

In bullet points:
  • Managed one day with NO CHOCOLATE at all
  • Managed another with NO COKE at all and without feeling overally ill
  • Have a sinusitis type thing going on
  • Keep having nose bleeds
  • Made healthier choices on most days in the past week
  • Drinking more water
  • Wheeled myself all the way around IKEA for three whole hours on Sunday
  • Did a fair amount of walking at my parents house on Saturday.
The result?
2lb lost.
And my NaNoWriMo attempt is up to 19,531 words

>NaNo Update


I’m currently at 14802 words or there abouts.
And I’m turning into a skank. Who now has insufficient time to shower before going out. I’m going to attack my hair with a can of spray wax and a brush and then spray perfume everywhere. That’ll have to do.

Edit: have come to the conclusion the biggest issue w/ my hair is the fact I’m trying to put off getting it cut as I’m planning on growing it. Might need to rethink that one.

>Updating because Updating is good.

>Firstly, I’m still doing NaNoWriMo. I’m at 8300 and some odd words so far. Only about 200 of those words were written today so I need to get going on some more writing otherwise I’m going to lose my lovely word cushion (official NaNo day three goal is 5001 by bed time but I started today at 8149). I keep going backwards and forwards on the question of whether I like what I’m writing. There are some bits I really like and other bits that are just complete crap. Part of me does wish I’d skipped the original fiction idea and gone for the fanfic one. But really I am glad I didn’t.

My username on the NaNoWriMo site is WheelchairPrincess if anyone wants to add me as a buddy or check out my progress.
I’ve finally stopped and had several days of not very much after weeks on end of busy busy busy. And I can’t say I’ve been feeling very great with it. But today I do feel better than yesterday (headache aside). Next weekend is going to be crazy however.
It’s strange, I never thought before that I was particularly busy (these last few weeks aside) but a couple of times lately my mum has described me as always being “so busy” and I realised that she’s right.
Weight is up a few pounds this week to 19 st (I forget if I put my weight in last week but it was 18 12.5). Disappointed but given I had three days running which all had eating out, take aways and/or cocktails in them not surprising.
I have made myself a spreadsheet which has a list of goals down the side and then the dates across the top – I did it until the end of the year. Some of the goals relate to being healthier and losing weight. Others are things like going to bed at a reasonable time, doing stuff around the house, spending time out of my chair, reading and crafts. The things I always say I’m going to do and don’t always manage very consistently (or manage at all in some cases). It’s only been two days but I’m trying to be in the mindset of “that’s another one ticked off” and I think it will prove useful so I can see where I’m managing and where I’m falling down. Also if there are any patterns to the way things go for me I’m sure they will become obvious after a few more days and then I can maybe try and do something about them.
The list of goals isn’t long but I wrote it with the goal of trying to do some each day rather than all each day and so it is longer than would reasonable be consistently doable on a daily basis. I may have to rethink this but so far I’ve surprised myself with how many I’ve achieved.
Hoping for a much more positive update next week!