>Word Prompts

>I’m going to do NaNoWriMo this year. I’ve attempted it several times but have either ended up “winning” with a lot of rubbish and a hell of a lot of cheating or as in the last couple of years I’ve failed dismally.

For the first time ever I have actually done a chunk of planning and I know roughly who my main character is and what my plot is. But writing prompts are always good.
So I’m basically posting this entry to ask if anyone who wants to could leave me a list of ten random words in a comment. I’ll try and fit them in somwhere, hopefully each person’s ten will fit into the same chapter. They don’t have to have anything to do with each other, this is supposed to be a crazy challenge and to spark ideas off.

>My Tattoo

>Someone on the NaNoWriMo forums posted in the plot realism section asking for people’s stories about getting and having tattoos. They asked a lot of specific questions but I didn’t really answer those. I thought it might be interesting to share that story here.

I have chronic depression. When it was at it’s worst I would tell myself I didn’t have a tattoo yet (always wanted one) so I had to keep going and battling through. So I knew that as long as things went on like that I would never get one. About five, six years later I was recovered a lot and no long had some negative or worrying thoughts so I got my tattoo. It’s my symbol that I’m recovering and of everything I’ve overcome (although few people actually know that). It’s a gecko and all I can say is I just knew that I had to have a gecko before I went. I then looked up the meaning of geckos as spirit animals and found a lot of information that was very relevant to me. Oh and when my sister went to the same tattoo parlour a week before they’d had the radio on. When I went they were watching Titanic whilst doing all the tattoos. It was slightly surreal in that if I was asked to name a film I would expect to watch whilst waiting for and having a tattoo done, it wouldn’t have been Titanic!

>Making my Points!

>I am not in a rush but almost am so this will be a quick blog.

First, I plan on doing the Ask Me Anything Answers tomorrow so tonight is the final chance for questions.
Secondly, Stephen Fry tweeted about the Save DLA petition, how cool is that?!
Point the Third, I am getting quite excited about NaNoWriMo. A bit lacking in concrete plans though!
D) I am going to see Adam Hills tonight!! Yay!!
5) I am getting my new wheelchair on 20th Oct. And my Dad is going to take me so I don’t have to faff with ambulance transport. The transport is great because it gives me independence but does make for a ridiculously long day.
VI. Did anyone else see the programme about Alex Stobbs? Alex – A Passion for Life was it’s title It was on Thursday but I watched it this afternoon. What did you think of it? On the whole I liked it but it’s a topic for a longer post.
Last but not least, the reason I wanted to update today. There is going to be an attempt at reviving the Disability Blog Carnival! Yay! Details are here.