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    >Thing a Day 2009 – Day Nine: Collage of a Sort

    > I was reading a book (a memoir) the other day and it was talking about making collages with some kids.  And I’ve been wondering for a while what would happen if you took a photo, cut it up and then stuck the pieces back together on a piece of card.  So the two together just cried out to be done. I quite like how this looks.  Looks cool from a distance which this photo doesn’t really show.  Easy, quick, and fun which makes it the perfect Thing for Thing a Day. All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >Pic Post: Race for Life Photos AT LAST

    >Huge thanks to Alison over at Ideaslist for the reminder about this post! I did half of it the other day and had to abandon it and then forgot… so serious thanks for the reminder because I would hate not to get these up here! This is me taken right before the race for life. I’m wearing a bright pink top with my runner number pinned on using safety pins. My number is 8856 (just in case you were interested!). I’m wearing a cap as well. Mostly the background is grass but you can see bits of a some people too. My back with the back sign pinned on.  It’s…

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    >Promise Me

    >It’s four o’clock In The Morning And It’s Starting To Get Light I’m Right Where I Wanna Be Losing Track of Time But I Wish That It Was Still Last Night Lyrics from Promise Me by Beverley Craven, Photos taken onboard Tenacious. 22nd June 2007 during the first half of Middle Morning Watch which is 4 – 8am. All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >I’ve just uploaded a load of my holiday photos onto Facebook. I filled an entire album on there and still have millions left over so I might put some more on tomorrow. A few even have captions if you click on them! Shocking! The link is here if you want to see and should work even if you aren’t a Facebook member. I’m going to read my book before bed but tomorrow I will work out why I couldn’t upload them to the gallery on this site. I really will. Finally this is one of my favourite holiday pics and I just realised it didn’t make it onto Facebook. All…

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    >Look what I got!

    > This is my new Tattoo which I had done today. It’s my first and despite the words of Klunky (the guy who did it and who assures me that I will want more) I don’t feel any great desire to get more. I wasn’t put off getting more but I didn’t leave all addicted to tattooing and desperate for another like he said I would. There were a few other designs I liked but I knew before I went what I had to get and as soon as I saw this design knew it was the one. It was about halfway through the first thing of designs I looked…

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    >My New Set of Wheels with an added giggle factor

    >Presenting my Jazzy who needs a name and I have a mad urge to call Jeff. That would be rather sad and pathetic of me however so suggestions are welcome. Side view of my Jazzy which was taken in my parents front garden on Sunday. I’m sat in it but my head was partially cut off so I cropped it all out. So yes, I am loving my Jazzy now and I managed to go to work yesterday in it without hitting or breaking anything! Bonus! This afternoon I was sitting in it in the lounge with it tilted back as far as it goes alternatively reading and staring at…

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    >Happy Mothers Day

    >Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers out there. I hope you had a wonderful day. I went and did my food shopping this morning and then spent a couple of hours this afternoon with my parents. It was fun and a nice way to spend the day. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately doing crafts for my Mum ready for today. I wasn’t too sure how she would like some of them although I was mostly pleased with them. However she loved them so it’s all good. This is the card I made for Mum. I had to improvise a lot as I went along but I…

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    >Priority by law or why I need to get a life

    >I went to Birmingham on Saturday and got very very excited on the train up there.  I frequently have to argue with people about moving their luggage or themselves or their child in the buggy out of the wheelchair space which I’ve reserved.  On at least one occasion the journey care assistant with me (a member of station staff who helps people with disabilities around the station and on to trains, etc) asked a mother to move her child and when she got off the train she had a go at me saying there would have been room for me and the child. So when I got onto the train…