>Thing a Day 2009 – Day Nine: Collage of a Sort


An old photo taken on one my sailing holidays deconstructed and made into a collage on some navy blue card
An old photo taken on one my sailing holidays deconstructed and made into a collage on some navy blue card

I was reading a book (a memoir) the other day and it was talking about making collages with some kids.  And I’ve been wondering for a while what would happen if you took a photo, cut it up and then stuck the pieces back together on a piece of card.  So the two together just cried out to be done.

I quite like how this looks.  Looks cool from a distance which this photo doesn’t really show.  Easy, quick, and fun which makes it the perfect Thing for Thing a Day.

>Pic Post: Race for Life Photos AT LAST

>Huge thanks to Alison over at Ideaslist for the reminder about this post! I did half of it the other day and had to abandon it and then forgot… so serious thanks for the reminder because I would hate not to get these up here!

Me pre-race

This is me taken right before the race for life. I’m wearing a bright pink top with my runner number pinned on using safety pins. My number is 8856 (just in case you were interested!). I’m wearing a cap as well. Mostly the background is grass but you can see bits of a some people too.

\"I race for life for...\" Back sign

My back with the back sign pinned on.  It’s bright pink with a purpley blue border and printing.  It says “I race for life for…” and then I wrote on My Gran which I did in a big silver craft marker.  I also underlined that with squiggly lines and drew a squiggly border too.  There is quite a lot of “pink space” too which would be white (blank) space only the whole thing is pink and lets not pretend, lol.  I’d almost say the top and the sign are the same shade of pink.

Me and Sam just past the finish line

This is me and Sam just past the finish line; you can see it in the background.  I’m on the left and Sam’s on the right.  I have my hands in the air in a “success” or “victory!” type pose.  We both have big grins.

Crowd of runners running away from the camera.

Finally a photo that really comes before the last but that I wanted to finish with.

I think this is probably my favourite of all of the Race for Life photos and it’s one that makes me very grateful that my mum just points and clicks on the off chance as opposed to my Dad’s staged pictures take on photos.  It’s a group of women all walking/running away from the camera.  You can see the path, some grass, shady area (one of a very few!) and some pink ribbon to the side which was used to mark the course.  And a little way in the crowd of people you can see the back of me and my wheelchair with my water bottle hanging off the back.  Being a part of that huge crowd was a really empowering and defining moment for me and I like to think that this photo shows that and shows the way I felt.

There’s an English Proverb:

A Picture is Worth One Thousand Words

I think that’s true, I don’t think I could sum it up properly with words but I hope this photo shows you what I see and what I felt.

Pictures hold life’s experiences. And I feel that with every experience you learn something. Therefore, you learn something with every picture you take.

I learnt from the Race for Life.  I learnt just how worth it it truly is/was.  And I learnt that I do still have the strength I had years ago.  It was waiting there for me to rediscover it once again.  And I once again did something “impossible.”

When one picks up ones camera and freezes a moment in time we all get a glimpse of ones soul ~ Anonymous

Well, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that I think Race for Life and my writings and photos I’ve shared about it show my soul to the world.  But I do think the experience helped me to replenish my soul and along on my journey to who I want to be.  To find who Emma needs to be in the future.  It’s a never ending journey but this is another step along the way.  I have great memories of the day but I’m glad I have these photos too.

>Promise Me


It’s four o’clock

In The Morning

And It’s Starting To

Get Light

I’m Right Where I Wanna Be

Losing Track of Time

But I Wish That It Was Still

Last Night

Lyrics from Promise Me by Beverley Craven, Photos taken onboard Tenacious. 22nd June 2007 during the first half of Middle Morning Watch which is 4 – 8am.


>I’ve just uploaded a load of my holiday photos onto Facebook. I filled an entire album on there and still have millions left over so I might put some more on tomorrow. A few even have captions if you click on them! Shocking!

The link is here if you want to see and should work even if you aren’t a Facebook member.

I’m going to read my book before bed but tomorrow I will work out why I couldn’t upload them to the gallery on this site. I really will.

Finally this is one of my favourite holiday pics and I just realised it didn’t make it onto Facebook.

>Look what I got!

>Freshly Drawn Gecko!

This is my new Tattoo which I had done today. It’s my first and despite the words of Klunky (the guy who did it and who assures me that I will want more) I don’t feel any great desire to get more. I wasn’t put off getting more but I didn’t leave all addicted to tattooing and desperate for another like he said I would. There were a few other designs I liked but I knew before I went what I had to get and as soon as I saw this design knew it was the one. It was about halfway through the first thing of designs I looked out – there were two, each of which took up most of a wall – and Sophie made me look through all the rest before I decided just in case. I was whining a bit at that point like a petulant child “but I want that one!!!”

I went to Tat2-U and they were all really lovely. I was surprised by the look of the place, expecting it to be dark and dingy and not very welcoming. Interesting side note: They have two sofas in their back to back for people to wait on and they are the same sofa that I have. They have the bright red covers on and I have the black though. We watched part of Titanic while we were waiting and while he did it. I thought that rather a strange choice of movie for a tattoo parlor but their you have it!

I did get rather up close and personal with the other tattoo doing guy (tattooist?) however. The space to get round the desk and into the room where they do they was a tiny amount too small to get my chair through (literally about two centimetres, I blame the camber of my wheels) so I stood up and Soph folding it and moved it then set it up again and then I took like two steps, turned round and sat down again. While she was doing that this guy offered me an arm for balance and asked how to hold me. I said something along the lines of however you want, just give me an arm. But I didn’t expect what I got. Two arms under my arms and held in a bear hug. I was very amused by that. Especially as due to the location of said tattoo I wore I strappy top that shows off my boobs loads and kept slipping down to show most of my bra. So he must of got a good feel of the girls. But heeeee I have a tattoo!

Description of the tattoo in case you need such things: It’s a black gecko and it’s got a kind of aboriginal influence. It starts about an half an inch above my right boob with it’s tail and finishes just below my shoulder / collar bone with it’s head. It looks like it’s climbing up my body.

Everyone keeps asking me why a Gecko?

I don’t really know, all I knew was that I had to have one. It’s what I needed to have. I have had that feeling for a good while now. One thing I do really believe in however is Animal Spirit Guides or Totems. And when I looked up what a Lizard means I knew that it is obviously my Spirit Guide and that’s why I had to have it. So much of it’s meanings and symbolism relates to me.

I found the information from Manataka.Org


Lizards are ancient brothers who are found in warmer climates all over the earth. There are five general families of lizards and literally hundreds of species, the largest being the Komodo Dragons weighing in at more than 350 pounds and the smallest is the Beata measuring less than three quarters of an inch long. They have many descriptive names such as the Australian Bearded Dragon, Yellow Spotted Gecko, Iguanas, Salamanders, and Horned Lizards who squirt blood from their eyes. Many American Indian tribes recorded their relationship with the lizard in images on pottery, petroglyphs, effigy bowls, figures, and shells and portrayed lizards in their ceremonies and stories as symbols of strength.


Some Southwest Indian tribes believe horned lizards can cure the sick by asking for the lizard’s strength in song and chant showing their respect to the animal.

The Lizard is often seen laying peacefully in the shadows of rocks or seen skittering around in dark holes, between light and darkness and is thus referred to as the ‘dream walker’ or one who lives in the dream world. Dreams are important to the human psychic and depict subtle messages from deep within the mind. Lizard medicine reveals these hidden messages during the dream state. Proper interpretation of these dreams often requires the assistance of one trained in the ways of the lizard medicine.

The psychic characteristics inherent in the lizard teaches those with this medicine how to awaken their own abilities by making choices that honor every part of ones life. When lizard appears it signifies a need to go within and analyze your present reality and once done, move with confidence and conviction out into the world of new beginnings.

A powerful totem to have, lizard reveals your weaknesses, your strengths and prompts the energy of change.

The lizard is very sensitive to ground vibrations, they have keen eyesight and superior hearing. Those who feel the spirit of the lizard can learn ways to use their enhanced sensory perceptions to connect with their deeper psychic and spiritual awareness.

One power of the lizard is its ability to escape from danger by leaving its tail behind and growing another. When lizard slithers into your life, it may mean a need to move quickly to avoid danger and be prepared to leave something behind.

>My New Set of Wheels with an added giggle factor

>Presenting my Jazzy who needs a name and I have a mad urge to call Jeff. That would be rather sad and pathetic of me however so suggestions are welcome.

Side view

Side view of my Jazzy which was taken in my parents front garden on Sunday. I’m sat in it but my head was partially cut off so I cropped it all out.

So yes, I am loving my Jazzy now and I managed to go to work yesterday in it without hitting or breaking anything! Bonus!

This afternoon I was sitting in it in the lounge with it tilted back as far as it goes alternatively reading and staring at the ceiling considering the idea of a nap. And when I went to put it away to charge and switch back to my K I felt like something was dragging but I couldn’t see anything.

Well, it turns out I’m not the only one who ♥ my new powerchair! There is, in fact, a lot of Jazzy love in this little flat of mine. Because look what I just saw when I came back through to come online:

[Description of photos: Front view of my powerchair with the footplate flipped up and an Eeyore caught up on one of the front kerbclimber wheels like they were cuddling. The second is basically the same view but a close up on Eeyore and Jazzy sharing the love.]

Well, I love the Jazzy (maybe I should name it Carlton?) and Eeyore loves the jazzy and life is good.

This poem is one of my favourites and totally sums up how I feel about my wheelchairs, particularly having a new one. Unfortunately, Eeyore hasn’t seen fit to tell me if it sums up his feelings as well so we have to assume it doesn’t.

My New Set of Wheels

There you stand, and I see you stare
Thinking, poor dear, she’s stuck in that chair.
But I’m not sad, I’m very happy because
I haven’t forgotten the way it was.

You’d say, “How about a trip to the zoo?
A walk in the park will be good for you.”
I was thinking tomorrow, I’ll be a wreck,
From my aching feet, to the pain in my neck.

You’d want to go shopping, all over town.
I was thinking but there’s no place to sit down.
For you it’s a snap, just to go to the store.
But for me the ordeal was more of a chore.

Now I can go wherever I please
I can shop in the mall with newfound ease,
Do all the things that have to be done,
And even go out and have some fun.

So, do you want to know how it really feels,
To be sitting here between these wheels?
Can you remember back that far,
When you got your very first car?

Well, that’s how these wheels feel to me.
They don’t hold me down, they set me free.
So, don’t think all those pitiful things:
These aren’t wheels, I think they’re my wings.

By Darlene Uggen
from Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul
Copyright 1999 by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

>Happy Mothers Day

>Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers out there. I hope you had a wonderful day. I went and did my food shopping this morning and then spent a couple of hours this afternoon with my parents. It was fun and a nice way to spend the day.

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately doing crafts for my Mum ready for today. I wasn’t too sure how she would like some of them although I was mostly pleased with them. However she loved them so it’s all good.

This is the card I made for Mum. I had to improvise a lot as I went along but I am pretty pleased with it and think it might be one of the better ones I’ve done.

Mothers Day Card

[Visual Description of the Card It’s a pink precut card that has a hole in the centre in which I stuck a darker pink piece of parchment and then a smaller square of light pink tissue paper. Underneath that there is a wavy piece of pink yarn and a tiny yet bright (very bright) pink bead above and below the yarn. The card is square shaped]

This is the scarf I made for mum. When we were talking about knitting the other day she was talking about the episode of friends where Phoebe is knitting a scarf and it’s only about three stitches wide and saying that she really wanted one. So I made her one for Mothers Day but it’s eight stitches wide not three.

Scarf[visual description: It’s made with what in the shop looked like a light blue yarn but actually knits brighter than I anticipated. However the flash in this photo has made it appear brighter than it really is. It’s lying on the arm of my sofa which is black]

It’s actually a dead quick knit and I really enjoyed doing it. Mum loves it and my next project is to make one for myself! This also has the distinction of being my second ever knitted item and also the first where I did everything, cast on, knitting and cast off all myself. I am very pleased with it but wish I could have made my cast on and off neater. Something to work on.

I also tried the scarf on to see if it was a decent length and took a picture of myself modeling it in the bathroom mirror

Me modeling the scarf

[Visual Description:The scarf is wrapped round my neck with a long tail hanging down my front. I am wearing a cream coloured zip up cardi and my ipod headphones are sort of visible under my clothes and the scarf. A hint of my top is also visible which is a Green coloured t-shirt which a cream neck. As it was taken in the mirror you can see the reflection of the camera and one of the screws holding the mirror to the wall is also visible. I cut my head off when taking this picture]

I love making crafts. And I love to give them as gifts too. Gift giving for the sake of it annoys me and crafts are a good way to avoid that.  So that was a win-win-win situation!

>Priority by law or why I need to get a life

>I went to Birmingham on Saturday and got very very excited on the train up there.  I frequently have to argue with people about moving their luggage or themselves or their child in the buggy out of the wheelchair space which I’ve reserved.  On at least one occasion the journey care assistant with me (a member of station staff who helps people with disabilities around the station and on to trains, etc) asked a mother to move her child and when she got off the train she had a go at me saying there would have been room for me and the child.

So when I got onto the train and saw that the wheelchair space was now absolutely plastered in “Wheelchair Space” signs I was pleased.   When I saw that the design had been changed to include instructions on where luggage could be left instead and it now included three other little words beneath the wheelchair space – Priority By Law – I was ecstatic.  So much so that I had to take several photos of this momentous sign that really made my day.  I was important.

Although the fact that we require “priority by law” signs on wheelchair spaces is a whole ‘nother story.  After all, TAB’s don’t have to have that plastered all over their seats on the train do they.

Priority by law

Close up on the wording

And then when we got to Birmingham I finally remembered to take a picture of their disabled toilet sign in the bullring – I’ve been going there for three or four years now a couple of times a year and I giggle at it every time.  Because unfortunately whilst the shopping centre managers and designers might live in a world where wheelchairs can fly up stairs, I don’t.

Luckily for me we then come to the second reason it makes me giggle – the ladies and gents are up the stairs but the disabled toilet is opposite the stairs on that level.

Wheelchair users should climb the stairs

Oh how I wish that one day these things won’t make my day and make me want to take photos.  How I wish that one day I can get a life and stop being impressed and ecstatic about things that to TAB’s are just little stupid things and not a big deal.

How I wish that day was now.