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    A Poem, Perhaps?

    Facebook tells me today Is National Poetry Day Twitter tells me October Is Blogtober It makes me Wonder How I ever Found anything Out Before Social Media (But I digress) The two collide And it feels like I should Write poems Not blogs Today I sometimes Write poems But mostly I don’t Write poems I love to Write poems Occasionally But I Rarely want to Google tells me This years theme Is change But perhaps The fact I’m Writing this Is change enough (I haven’t written A poem Since June And hadn’t planned To write one This soon) I’ve done poetry Workshops Learnt Some types And rules Acrostic, Haiku Sonnet…

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    Instructions for a Wedding Speech

    This was supposed to be my entry for the Didcot Writers monthly competition back in June but I forgot to submit it. The theme was ‘toast’ Instructions for a Wedding Speech Rather than have a best man panicking About having to make a toast I thought I’d offer instructions Speaking in front of a crowd is scary Even when you do it all the time You should Open with a joke Understand your audience Regale with tales of years gone by. Give them a toast to remember Let the couple know you care A hope, dream or wish Should be shared Speak from the heart Eloquence is required Some gentle…

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    P is for…

    P is for Poetry Something I used to writeBut not for a long time Before this April night P is for Poetry So different to prose But sometimes the mood hits And into a poem my writings flows P is for Poetry I’m not sure it’s very good But when I wondered what to write It hit me – a poem! That’s what I should P is for Poetry Strange lines Wasted words And even dodgy rhymes

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    A Disabled Day Out in London – A Poem

    (I was talking to a friend about my day out in London from a few weeks ago using it as an example for something else that I was a bit inspired by to write. She suggested that the day itself and what I was saying would make a good poem. I might still write the something else.) A Disabled Day Out In London Yes we do assisted travel here at station A (You’ll book but that won’t matter) You’ll request a push up to the train but we’ll walk off and ignore you   Yes we do assisted travel here at station B (You’ll book but that won’t matter) The…

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    Writing Poetry

    Words flow from my fingers Rhythm and rhyme are acknowledged as important yet ignored Imagination and inspiration are the key Thinking too much will throw it off Inside I wonder if this will be any good Never quite convinced that Good will come from my words Poetry plagues me Overwhelmed with the need to write Extremely difficult to find the motivation Trying to do so more often Really trying Yet never quite doing

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    Dust If You Must

    So as you can probably tell from my last few blog entries I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. My sister commented on one of those entries that it made her think of a poem that’s doing the rounds on Facebook. I’d seen the one she meant bit not paid too much attention to it. Sometimes my newsfeed feels like a never ending stream of photos, poems, quotes and sentiments all designed to inspire or to make you think or feel good and they begin to blend into one. Which probably defeats the object but there you have it. Anyway after reading that comment I did a little googling…

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    >Snotty Letter #disability #100daysofwriting

    >It’s timeFor aSnotty Letter It’s timeTo showWhy I’veGot my Rep People sayI’ve aBAD ATTITUDE Or thatThey neverMet aMore ungratefulLittle Madam The fact Is I’ve Got rights Unthinking changesAllegedly toHelp staffRuined myDay out So it’sSnotty LetterTime again The staffWere greatThey hateThe changeAs well I had To laughAt that I saidThis thingIs shitThey saidWe know!!! Impossible problemsNo solutionNo excuses I’ll bePolite yetVery firmInsisted onAdvertised access Bite my Tongue andThink first It wasVery disappointingNeeded betterPlanning andUser consultation Snotty annoyedAnd notSnotty screaming What theFuck wereYou thinking?Fucking ridiculousAnd unnecessary My friendsHelped rescueMy dayPark picnicsCafe drinks But thatWon’t make Snotty Letter If askingFor myRights meansPeople don’tLike me That’s fineI’ve neverBeen afraid Secretly I Hate itIf IWeren’t…

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    >Graceful Elegance #100daysofwriting

    >Sun shining brightBluest sky for monthsFilled with red kitesFlying and swoopingHardly moving their wingsIt’s more than flyingA bit like a danceBut more than that tooSwimming through the airSix togetherSometimes moreSynchronisedWorking togetherTo live Survive and thriveI see them oftenDaily evenThey always catch my eyeAnd make me thinkHow lucky I amTo live hereAnd see such sightsGraceful eleganceFrom anUncontrollable, wildAnimal All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >Hospital Thoughts

    >Hospitals are interesting places to people watch and get inspired for writing. This hopefully catches some of the experience. In a way I wished I’d taken my iPad and written there but I enjoyed reading my book. Day 36 of 100 Hospital Thoughts Hospital smellGrotty food like school dinnersToo many people in a small spaceAnd some kind of cleaner. Paramedics and transport techsNurses, doctors and other staffAdd in patients, visitors and familyA constant swarm of people Wheelchairs wheel all over the placePowerchairs glide silentlyStretchers trundle and squeakAnd crutches add an extra rhythm to footsteps An alcohol wipe gets rid of bacteriaThe smell probably scares them away“sharp scratch now”The drug stings…