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    On Volunteering and Housing Day

    Today is #HousingDay (hashtag housing day) a day designed to promote social housing and highlight all it does for people in the UK, how important it is and just what the need for social housing is. I know from my own experiences just how much having access to a flat that is fully adapted to my needs, is safe and secure (in terms of both safety and tenancy) and affordable is.  It’s more than a roof over your head it’s the ability to make plans and do things and get on with your life that might otherwise be impossible. And in both parts of my CAB  role (adviser/gateway assessor and…

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    Disability in the media

    I’m paying a second visit over at Bea Magazine this month.  I wrote about the disability issues which were raised by the news that paralympian Oscar Pistorius has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. You can read it here: Disability and the Reeva Steenkamp Murder The coverage of disability in the media has always been problematic but I’m really hoping this might be the beginning of it changing. I suspect that it’s more likely that it will change the way violence against women is covered by the media than disability.  Still I hope. Last year I was asked to speak to the local paper about my…

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    >Dear Prime Minister

    >I wrote a relatively long blog post on Tuesday and then my Internet went down and I lost it.  I do have quite a lot to blog about but not today… The cuts which will be made as a part of the Comprehensive Spending Review were announced on Wednesday.  They will seriously affect disabled people and they haven’t been properly thought through.  The government admits that they haven’t looked fully into how they will affect disabled people.  I wrote a small post about this on Disability Voices.  It includes a link to a Scope campaign about it, asking people to e-mail their MP. Fellow blogger and Disability Voices team member…

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    >More Nadine Dorries Twitter Fail

    >Nadine Dorries made further ridiculous comments, this time suggesting that being disabled is the same as being retired and also that disabled people shouldn’t go down the pub. I wrote another rebuttal over on Disability Voices. Twitter, Disabled People, Benefit Fraud… and Pubs And DV team member, Sarah Ismail, has set up a facebook group calling for Nadine Dorries’ removal as an MP due to her disablist attitude. Finally I must add that I personally am absolutely astounded and very touched to see the response my original piece on DV got, both on DV and also on Twitter. All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >The Resistance Campagn

    >If you’re in the UK, please take the time to sign this Not Dead Yet petition.  It’s asking MPs to take the time to sign up and say they support the Resistance Charter.  By signing the charter they will be declaring that they will support palliative care and independent living services and also that they will maintain legal protection for disabled and terminally ill people. There is also the option on the website to e-mail your MP about the issue – which I’ve done Basically a lot of people are concerned about what might happen to the rights of disabled and terminally ill people – and the services a lot…