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    >Hard but Right

    >I’ve sadly come to the decision not to take part in Race for Life next weekend.  I’m disappointed by that decision (partially because it feels sort of though I am letting the depression – which isn’t great at the moment – win) but it’s the right one. I’ve done very little training and haven’t covered much distance in what I have done.  The weather has played a part in that but so has my depression which is why it sort of feels like it’s winning by my choosing not to participate.   But I also know that with the little training I have done coupled with the fact that RfL…

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    >Final Race for Life Total

    >As of this evening the final, final, final total amount of money I raised doing the Race for Life is £262 Many, many thanks to everyone who sponsored me and helped me to raise two and a half times the amount I hoped to raise (£100 – an amount I thought I would struggle to raise). And that’s it, until next year! All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >Pic Post: Race for Life Photos AT LAST

    >Huge thanks to Alison over at Ideaslist for the reminder about this post! I did half of it the other day and had to abandon it and then forgot… so serious thanks for the reminder because I would hate not to get these up here! This is me taken right before the race for life. I’m wearing a bright pink top with my runner number pinned on using safety pins. My number is 8856 (just in case you were interested!). I’m wearing a cap as well. Mostly the background is grass but you can see bits of a some people too. My back with the back sign pinned on.  It’s…

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    >Race for Life 2008

    >I want to try and get some more down on “paper” about the Race for Life and what it was like as an experience before it fades too much more from my memory. I’ll do a photo post in a few days – the best photos are on my mum’s camera and she can’t find the lead for it right now but hopefully she will soon. It really was a wonderful experience and I am so glad I did it. But I do feel a little deflated now so I’m hoping to get it all down and share the full story now. Race for Life is a women only event…

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    >I DID IT!!!

    >Cost to enter the Race for Life: £12.50 Amount of sponsorship raised for Cancer Research UK £195 (AND COUNTING!) Number of times I worried this was a bad idea: many many KM to nowhere covered while training: at least 30 KM covered to complete the course: 5 (or in miles, 3.11) Number of people who wished me luck, encouraged me or otherwise spoke to me as I went round: too many to count. Number of times I nearly broke down in tears with the emotion of the day: about seven Time taken: one hour forty minutes!!! Knowing that I DID IT and my impossible dream came true: Priceless All content…

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    >Sam and I went walking again earlier this evening. We walked a route of 3.2 miles or slightly more than the 5K we will be doing next Sunday which is the equivalent of 3.11 miles. It took us an hour and three quarters and we both agreed that we could have managed it slightly faster. And I wheeled myself to meet her and home again after (half a mile each way). I couldn’t do the whole thing again today if I had to but I could definitely have done some more. Yes, I wheeled myself a grand total of 4.2 miles today!!! I’m really looking forward to this whole Race…

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    >Race for Life Training

    >Managed to get out wheeling for the first time in just more than ten days (?) earlier. And I wheeled myself 1.09 miles or 1.75 KM – more than one third of the course! Thanks so much to everyone who responded to my earlier “please sponsor me” e-mails and facebook messages. I now have more than double the amount of sponsorship I had first things this morning and it was the thought of not wanting to let you all down that got me out there training this evening. When I mapped the route out after getting home I was like “if I’m wrong and that’s less than a mile I’m…

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    >Never Surrender, Never Give Up

    >There is now less than four weeks to go until the Race for Life. And so my friend Sam and I went walking this evening. I wheeled myself down to meet her and we walked for an hour. I wheeled myself the entire time and just needed help with two or so “they call it a dropped kerb but it’s not what a wheelchair user would call a dropped kerb” kerbs. And then I wheeled myself home. When she got home Sam went on mapmyrun.com and worked out that from my house to our meeting point is half a mile. And the route we walked is 1.67 miles. So with…