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    >REPOST: Emma’s Story #spartacusreport

    >I originally wrote this post in October 2010 when it appeared on The Broken of Britain. It’s my story. I’m re sharing this here today in the hope it will help to show how important DLA is and the different it makes to me and millions of other disabled people in the UK. It’s my hope that by sharing my story as I have here, in my previous entry, and in many other tweets, Facebook posts and entries here I can help people to understand a bit about disability. And that people will at least take the time to read the press release about the Spartacus Report if not the…

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    >REPOST: My Submission To The Consultation on DLA Reform #spartacusreport

    >I originally wrote and posted this in February last year. It’s the text I submitted to the consultation on DLA reform that happened then. I am reposting it today as a part of my support of The Spartacus Report. I am lifelong disabled. Always have been and always will be. Specifically I have cerebral palsy (CP) and use a wheelchair 95% of the time. I’m able to stand and take a couple of steps, enough solely to move between bed, wheelchair, toilet, powerchair etc. I also have clinical depression and anxiety. This was not caused by my physical disability but is made much worse by it. I was diagnosed with…

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    >Please vote for 38 Degrees to campaign on DLA

    >38 Degrees have a list of various campaign ideas.  One of which is a campaign to Save DLA.  People can vote for which of the campaigns they want to see taken up.  You get 10 votes and can apply up to 3 votes to any one campaign. Currently the DLA campaign is in 3rd place. 38 Degrees is a huge organisation with over half a million members.  It describes itself as an organisation which brings you together with other people to take action on the issues that matter to you and bring about real change in the UK. If they campaign on DLA it has huge potential.  Please take a few minutes…

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    >Dear Prime Minister

    >I wrote a relatively long blog post on Tuesday and then my Internet went down and I lost it.  I do have quite a lot to blog about but not today… The cuts which will be made as a part of the Comprehensive Spending Review were announced on Wednesday.  They will seriously affect disabled people and they haven’t been properly thought through.  The government admits that they haven’t looked fully into how they will affect disabled people.  I wrote a small post about this on Disability Voices.  It includes a link to a Scope campaign about it, asking people to e-mail their MP. Fellow blogger and Disability Voices team member…

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    >Save DLA – A Response

    >I blogged several times last year about the Save DLA campaign.  As a part of that a petition was put on the official website of the Prime Minister.  And 23,707 people signed it. I received an e-mail a few minutes ago with a link to the official response to the petition. It’s not a fantastic response.  In fact it strikes me a bit as one of those responses that doesn’t really address the point being made.  But a hell of a lot of people spoke out and had their voice and their opinion heard.  And there was a response. I had thought that I’d heard a few weeks before the…

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    >Making my Points!

    >I am not in a rush but almost am so this will be a quick blog. First, I plan on doing the Ask Me Anything Answers tomorrow so tonight is the final chance for questions. Secondly, Stephen Fry tweeted about the Save DLA petition, how cool is that?! Point the Third, I am getting quite excited about NaNoWriMo. A bit lacking in concrete plans though! D) I am going to see Adam Hills tonight!! Yay!! 5) I am getting my new wheelchair on 20th Oct. And my Dad is going to take me so I don’t have to faff with ambulance transport. The transport is great because it gives me…

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    >Reminder Post – Ask me Anything and Save DLA

    >Don’t forget that I’m having an “ask me anything post” later this week. Questions in comments or via e-mail to writerinawheelchair@googlemail.com So far I have a bunch of questions from my sister, two questions from Molly and two from Karen that I’m not sure how to answer! So more questions are needed for this to be a proper question and answer post. LOL. Also: I know I’ve been going on and on about this but please if you haven’t already, sign the Save DLA petition and pass those details on to all your contacts. Rumour has it DLA may not be under threat any more just AA (DLA for over…

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    >Reminder Post: Save DLA

    >I just looked at the Save DLA petition again. It has 3,103 signatures on it. I know lots of my friends have signed up already. But if you live in the UK or are a British Citizen living outside the UK please sign up. The petion is here. And my original entry on the threat to DLA and why it matters is here. All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >I just looked at the Save DLA petition I linked to in my previous entry. It has approx 780 signatures. Which is really pleasing. What I’m even more pleased about is the six or names I saw on there (I counted six I think but two others told me they had done it and I definitely don’t remember seeing their names) who were people I had passed on the petition too. I’d be even even more pleased if every single person I told about it signed but I’ll take this for a start. Six people out of 20 or so is a huge proportion. So happy that my friends care…

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    >Save DLA

    >I don’t normally copy and paste e-mails directly into my blog but this is important: Hi All, Sorry for the mass e-mail but as some of you will know the government is currently undertaking a 100 day consultation into different ways that social care could be funded in the future. And one of the proposals is that Attendance Allowance (and the care component of DLA – attendance allowance is DLA care for over 65’s) could be scrapped. Instead the money would go to social services as personal budgets for each person who is eligible and social workers would have the say in what the money could or couldn’t be used…