>A Fresh Start

>On 22nd February 2010 I started trying to lose weight.  1st May 2010 I gave up coca-cola and all products containing chocolate.  That’s when my weight loss really kick started.  September time I hit a bit of a plateau and was losing a few pounds, gaining them back.  And towards the end of November (almost 7 months later) I started eating chocolate and drinking coke again.  There have been a few days since then when I haven’t eaten chocolate but not any where I’ve not drunk coke.

Until today.  I’ve gone coke and chocolate free again as of today.

My weight is up, I’m 17 stone 12.  Which given that today is the day after a weekend away of eating out each night and is the same as my weight on Thursday (my usual weigh day but I wanted to weigh today as well as it’s a starting point) is pretty good.  Given that I was pretty consistently around the 17 stone 4 mark before this, not so much but I’m not beating myself up over it.  I don’t see the point.

My starting weight on Feb 22nd 2010 was 18 stone 13 1/2 so I’ve still lost and maintained a one stone weight loss over the last year.  I don’t have a set goal weight and never did.  I don’t want to be thin, I want to be healthier.

It’s definitely time to start moving back in the right direction though and I’m glad I’m doing it again at last.

>Almost… but not quite

>I almost managed to keep my for one week only promise and replace that 2 stone gone badge with the 30lb badge… but not quite.  I needed to lose one pound for that to happen.  And I lost three quarters of a pound.  Which I’m still really really happy about.  Next week I hope to switch over the badges in my sidebar but we’ll all (including me) have to wait and see.  My mum said that I did especially well because I ate a lot of sausages when we had hot dogs and jacket potatoes on Bonfire Night (and leftovers the next day).  Personally I didn’t think I ate that many and anyway as I keep trying to tell her I think the odd meal here and there doesn’t matter.  I need to still have what I like and treats because this has to be for life.  I just need to do it in moderation.

The obvious exception to that is the coke and chocolate which I’ve now not had for six months and 9 days (today is the 9th, right?).  I realise that’s different to what I’ve been preaching here but I had real physical addictions to them and I’d tried making them occasional but couldn’t do it.  If I didn’t drink coke for a day or didn’t have enough coke I’d get major headaches – as soon as I got a headache I’d think “I need to drink some coke to clear that up” (and still now six months later when I get headachy a little voice in the back of my head goes “not enough caffeine?” even though I know damn well that I’m not longer physically hooked on coke and I don’t drink tea or coffee so it definitely can’t be!). And if I didn’t eat chocolate I’d get ratty and stressy.

I’ve known for a long time that I had an addiction to those foods and I have no problem saying that.  But suddenly last night it occurred to me that it makes me a food addict.  And I don’t know why but that’s a whole different ball game to me.  Particularly reading Cheryl’s post this morning.  I need to work on that.  First however I need to think about it some more and become ok with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve come a long way and I know I have.  I’ve beaten those addictions and I don’t binge eat any more (or at least not like I used to and I don’t remember the last time I did a full blown binge).  I’m really proud of how far I’ve come and what I’ve achieved.  I’m just realising how much further I’ve got to go.

>Bits of News

>I haven’t updated about my attempts at weight loss for a couple of weeks so I’ll start with that and then see how much further I get before my desire to be in bed relatively soon wins.

Last week my mum was away so I weighed by myself.  I struggled a lot to balance on the scales and suspect the same would have been true even if she were here.  I gave up on Tuesday after 5 attempts which all ended up with ridiculously different weights.  Wednesday I tried again and managed better.  I was 17st 2lb which was 1.5lb up.

Today my mum was back and I was 17st 3lb so up another 1lb.  My balance was pretty good today.  I always stand on the scales three times because of poor balance, needing to hold a grab rail to get on the scales etc and wanting to be sure it’s right and every single time it said the same weight which is the first time it’s done that in a long time.

I think it’s definitely got to be said that I’m plateauing.  Which is fine in a way but only as long as it goes no further then I have now.  I am getting sick of this constant back and forth I’ve been doing for the last few weeks so I’ve decided to take it right back to basics this week.  Hopefully that will get things moving again.  I’d started thinking of drinking mostly water as being boring again but starting today I’m drinking that more than anything else and I must say I’d forgotten how nice that can be.

My writing continues to go well as my last update shows (I think!).  When my creative writing restarted a few weeks ago (this week will be week 4) we had to give a short term and a long term writing goal.  Short term was for the length of the course and long term the next year or so.  We told those to the person next to us and they introduced us to the class.  I can’t remember my long term goal and the person I was sat next to wasn’t there last week to ask.  But my short term goal was to get an article published.  It was a pretty amazing feeling sat there last Thursday realising that it was only week three and I’d already achieved that goal.  I absolutely cannot wait for the magazine to come out and to see it.

I’m reading a library book at the moment and then the next one I’ve got is one I was sent to review.  It’s an advance reader copy of a new paranormal romance which is coming out in November I think.  That will be something very different for me, paranormal romance is a genre I’ve avoided ever since I tried to read Twilight (which I hated and gave up on after two chapters).  It’s very much not something I would have chosen for myself but I’ll give it a go – after all I have been trying to broaden my horizons over the last few months (some what unsuccessfully it feels like).


>Good: Writing a To Do List of writing tasks
Bad: Realising I have more writing tasks to do then I thought I did

Good: Getting three things done off the to do list
Bad: Showing the list to Mum and having her point out I missed something off of it

Good: having a clean house
Bad: cleaner (male) calling me love and “my love” so many times I lost track

Good: No one has cancelled sailing for tonight
Bad: High probability of getting there to discover it’s off

Good: Starting a lovely new knitting piece
Bad: Not being quite sure if you’ve gone wrong with said knitting and if you have, where you did.

Good: Weight this morning was 17st and half a pound
Bad: Can’t find the piece of paper so I can’t work out the difference from last week

Good: Squashed fly biscuits and diet lemonade
Bad: nothing really

>In The Right Direction

>I’m down roughly a pound and a half this week (from 17 4lb & 7/8ths to 17 3lb &1/4th and I can’t do that kind of exact maths).

And I just got back (ok, well an hour and a half ago) from swimming.

Must admit that I’m feeling a little fed up with this now, need to make some really progress again and stop hovering.

>The Obligatory Tuesday Update On: MY WEIGHT

>I am a little disappointed this week although I’m trying not to be.  I’m up 2lb.

It’s probably because I’ve got my period (which given that all the problems I’ve been having with that are likely weight related is a good thing) and I just keep reminding myself about that.

I have exercised every single day this week.  Mostly using My Fitness Coach Dance Workout but I’ve also been swimming once and as I mentioned yesterday I did what is for me a lot of walking on Saturday.

Here’s to some downward movement on the scales next week!

>25lb Goal? Done!


I lost 2lb this week!  Which means I can finally, finally, finally (after almost two months!) replace the 20lb lost badge in my sidebar with this lovely 25lb lost one!!  I’ve got a feeling that this is the most weight I’ve ever lost or certainly not very far off of it.  When I was at uni I did lose a lot of weight but as much as I wanted to hit the two stone goal (that was my overall aim) I didn’t get much beyond a stone and a half.
I’ve continued to pretty much cut out all snacks which I think is what has made the difference and finally gotten me off of this plateau.  My other goal last week was exercise but that didn’t happen.  I’ve got a chest infection and I’m on antibiotics (Erythromycin) for that until Friday.  I am feeling a hell of a lot better than I was and am getting out doing stuff again now.  But when transferring between my bed and my chair was setting me off into a huge and long coughing fit exercise was not to be done!  So that’s a goal for this week.

>On the move again at last

>Yes, this week finally sees some progress.  I was feeling very discouraged so that is definitely a good thing!  Basically I cut out pretty much all snacking and it’s definitely worked.

I’m down 2 and three quarter pounds this week.  Which puts me back down to my lowest weight of this journey.  I won’t make the “virgin fat next week” comments I did last time because I think that jinxed me but… here’s hoping!  I’m 17 stone 4 3/4 pounds now (242.75lb) and I really hope to end September with the number that starts with 16 stone something.

I was thinking about a rest of the year goal yesterday.  I did consider 15 stone 13.5lb as my goal as that would be three stone lost.  But I can’t help feeling that’s totally unrealistic.  Whatever happens I’ll be happy because I really have come a long way.  However I would like to have made a pretty decent dent in the 16st part of things and be on my way to 15st by 2011.

I’ve bought a couple of new Wii games in the past week and at least one of them will be great for exercise.  I had a go at it this morning and loved it.  A second one may also do good for exercise but I’ve not tried it yet as it needs the nunchuk and I can’t find it!!

>And now for something completely different…

>…only I’m not really sure what that might be.

Up two this week.  I’m definitely plateauing and need to do something different to shake things up.  I’ve got one or two small ideas but really I’m stuck on which is the best one.  Probably all of them in moderation but I’m also struggling a bit with my depression over the last few days and that really doesn’t help.

Suggestions, anyone?

>Thoughts On Progress So Far

>I’m up 1/8th of a pound today.  Which really is just the same as staying the same because it’s absolutely nothing. I actually thought I might have gained a little so I’m really pleased.

I realised yesterday that although I feel a bit like I’m struggling and stuck with my weight loss right now that’s not a huge deal.  Obviously I would like to lose more this year and I do need to lose more.  But even if I stay at this weight for the rest of the year I’ll still be happy with my progress.  And I’ll still have come a long way from where I was.  I do still need to work on this and I will.  I’m just going to try to stop beating myself up about it.  If I start whining and moaning about that in future, please remind me of this post and then tell me to shut up 😉

The other thing worth noting is that I have completely lost track of how many weeks it’s been since I gave up coke and chocolate.  I used to be able to tell you exactly how many weeks it had been and now I’ve a rough idea because when I realised I didn’t know I tried to work it out.  But I haven’t looked it up and I don’t feel like I need to.  Another step on the way to beating that addiction me thinks.