Hints of Normality

I’ve been quiet here lately as I experienced some ableism (that was made worse by the fact it was from someone I thought was a friend) and that took up a lot of head space made me withdraw slightly for a bit. But as much as I did need to step back for a few weeks I don’t want to stop blogging here completely.

The other thing that’s taken up rather more of my headspace than it should have is a problem with a carer. Now resolved and handled very well by the agency. It was sad for two reasons – one it was completely ridiculous and a carer I had thought I’d get on well with when we met and two, this agency have handled it so well it’s just another example at how bad the previous agency were at dealing with certain things. I keep having realisation moments like that and I find them difficult because it was a struggle with the previous one for a big chunk of the time (not always) and so many of my friends were telling me I needed a new agency for ages. But I didn’t think there would be a better agency out there.

Hints of normality are continuing to sneak in.

I’ve been briefly shopping twice, about ten days apart. I managed to get pretty much everything I wanted (of the things I could get in shops here) and the things I couldn’t get were mostly things I’d wondered if it would be tricky – like a couple of books that I’d thought might be too specific for our small Waterstones. I also managed to finally find and order myself a set of weights after trying for all of lockdown. I haven’t been to the supermarket but will probably go next week, at least to pick up my prescription.

Shopping was OK. M&S simply food was the only place it felt difficult and stressful but Mum had said it had’t been easy when she went. And I bumped into one of my friends from my writing group and her daughter (who I hadn’t met before) and have a long chat the first time I went shopping.

A few days before that first shopping trip a couple of my friends came to visit in the garden for just under two hours. We had a long chat and swapped some books. And the weekend just gone the new wheelchair taxi people I mentioned last time dropped me in the village I used to live in. Some other friends who no longer live in the county met me there and we sat in the park for a few hours then went for a bit of a walk along an old railway line. I went a bit further once they needed to leave then turned back and walked home. I would really like to get back up there for a walk again.

It’s been really nice to see friends again. I’m not sure how much that’s going to be possible but I’m glad to have done it. Sadly I think my other few good friends I won’t see in person again this year (or at all in one case) due to the distance.

One of the powerchair techs came out yesterday to service my chair. I hadn’t expected when I rang on Tuesday that they’d say “he can come tomorrow” I’d been expecting next week as it was routine so that threw me a bit. The verdict was it needs a few consumable bits (some of which I’d twigged and others I hadn’t but they’re either about due or not entirely unexpected) replacing, new footplates (I knew they were bent but had hoped it was just a new bolt required) and it is still rattling and squeaky! It’s going off the workshop at some point for some TLC.

I’ve seen both my nephews this week (each of them separately spent a day with my parents). It was the first time I’d seen Rafe since June and he’d definitely grown and was much more alert. Mum thinks he’s going to be Grandad’s boy (a bit like how Henry is all about Granny) but I’m not so sure. I snuck a quick cuddle with him which was lovely, if possibly not the most sensible thing to do.

I only saw Henry much more briefly because the powerchair tech rang when I was on the way out the door to ask if he could come three hours early. He (Henry) was busy looking at the things he and Grandad had planted but it was good to have a chance to say hello.

The only other thing I’ve done (other than you know reading and crochet etc) was sit in my mum’s garden for a few hours on Monday and teach her how to do corner to corner crochet. It took a fair few attempts and she didn’t think she could do it (I thought she could because it’s easy but it IS tricky to start a piece off). However a few hours after I got home she sent me a photo of her piece and she’d cracked it.

Mentally I did get quite fed up and down last night but I’m better today and doing OK overall.

You Know You’ve Got CP When…

…something you buy regularly in the supermarket gets moved from the very top shelf to the very bottom shelf. And as you’re trying to put two packets in your basket all you can think is how much easier it was to reach it down from the top shelf.

I am aware how completely ridiculous that sounds but its true! Must admit I laughed at that.

The seat riser on my powerchair makes moving up to reach high things so easy. And was worth every penny. The only part of sainsburys that properly stumps my independent crip streak now is frozen food with its cabinets with doors that open outwards.

But leaning down and across isn’t easy (but is vaguely doable) as the lateral supports and spine align bits which keep me from slumping stop me. And I’ve yet to hear of a wheelie that drops you down.

I do love my new Quickie Salsa (well, I guess it’s not so new now) with all its bells and whistles and the independence it gives me.

So I’ll just accept that there’s now a new definition of wheelchair accessible in my life.

And if you see a crip in a red powerchair reaching for low things in Sainsburys and giggling? Well, now you know why.

(For more tales of the supermarket on wheels with a definite make you smile factor check out Hannah’s post on the subject

>101 in 1001 – Item 13…


Buy a new more appropriate life jacket

…has been completed!

I’d been meaning to get a new lifejacket for ages – since I wrote this list in fact.  And I’d been planning to ask my Dad if he could take me somewhere to look for one for the past few weeks but then it was a case of never remembering when I saw or spoke to him.

Then I went to Reading shopping last week

I went into Clas Ohlson which is an interesting shop which sells a wide and in my opinion slightly weird variety of things.  I’d wanted a quick look at the kitchen stuff but had decided to look at everything.  And to my surprise I spotted that they had a variety of decent life jackets at a price which I thought was very reasonable.  I tried one on (which I don’t think they were very happy about but whatever) and it was easy to get on and  fitted well (it was a little loose but I didn’t adjust it and usually wear more layers sailing than I had on that day).

The only problem was I was in my manual chair and knew I wouldn’t be able to carry it round Reading and back to the train station then home.  My Dad works in Reading, not far from the centre in fact, so I called him and asked if he would either come and get it from me if I bought it or if I could tell him where and what it was and he could come another day.  But he said he’d come meet me so I bought it and just about managed to balance it on my lap to wheel down to our agreed meeting point.  And dropped it at soon as I stopped moving – thankfully a man passing by grabbed it and passed it back without being asked.  Dad brought it back to me when he got the train back that evening – and he wheeled me to the next place I planned to go before going back to work too which was a win.

Sailing starts next week and I’m really looking forward to it.  More so now I have my day glo orange new lifejacket to use!

>I got the blahs

>I was in Reading most of yesterday shopping so didn’t get here.  And truthfully, when I got home, I just couldn’t be bothered.

Yet again no change in my weight.

I’ve had this week off of work but don’t feel rested at all, it’s actually been pretty stressful as a result of what I got asked to do today.  I am looking forward to it but differences in attitudes have stressed me out.  😈   I’m getting picked up in 10 minutes, more on that later.

It’s all pretty blah at the moment anyway. 👿