>I don’t know how many of you read this through an RSS reader but one things I do know is that page updates don’t show up in them.

So FYI in case you hadn’t noticed, I updated my 101 in 1001 page today and will be updating it again in a few days as a couple more things are almost done.  I’ll write more about that another day, but the current total is 35 things done.

I’ve also deleted some of my other pages and radically altered my “about me” page.

Finally I created two new pages – Books in 2008 and Crafty Projects.  I don’t really think either of those need any explanation.

And because I am now intrigued, tell me in the comments how you read/follow my blog.  Personally, if your blog has an RSS feed that’s probably how I read it.

>A HTML of a weekend

>OK, so most of this site design is actually CSS and not HTML but I couldn’t resist using that title! Kind’ve a play on words, so to speak.

I’ve been working on this new layout every day since Thursday and with it have learnt how to do several new things with WP and also some CSS which I’ve not worked with before. I am beyond pleased with it and very, very excited. It’s kind of hard to believe that it’s just the basic Kubrick theme seriously hacked to pieces and put back together with extras and in a different order.

In case you don’t know what Kubrick looks like, we’ve gone from this…
Basic default Kubrick theme with no modifications

To this…

So it’s all pretty much about the yayness right now.

>Work in progress, again

>I’m currently giving this blog a huge overhaul and redesign.  So please excuse the fact that I’ve been changing my theme about every five minutes and the fact that in places it’s a mess of code.

I’m very excited because I figured out how to do several things new with the layouts.

>Melting Pot of Links

>To celebrate the fact that I upgraded to the latest version of wordpress and not only is it working properly, it’s the first time in about six months I’ve upgraded and not had it go slightly wrong… I thought I would share a few links (because working WP means I can use the VRE and not code the links myself, yay!)

Nelba over at Chocolachillie wrote a post about perspectives to medical care and disability and life in general (I guess).  It’s well worth a read.  And it’s called Cheap Shoes Always Squeak which is just the best blog post title I have read in, basically, forever.

Kathryn’s Ryn Tale’s blog is always worth a read.   She makes me think and I like blogs that make me thing.  From The Outside In touches on a topic that I have wanted to write about for a few weeks now but obviously does it much better than I ever could.  Still when I’m over this random viral thing I seem to have I will give it a try.

Pedestrian Hostile held the latest Disability Blog Carnival.  It’s theme was Simply The Best (does anyone else get a mad urge to run around the house singing Tina Turner when they read that or is it just me?!).  I need to find some time to read more of the contributions but absolutely loved the ones I read so far.

If someone could tell me the name of the song in Moulin Rouge that goes on about how “We Could Be Heroes” (forever and ever…) I would love them for at least the next day or so.   Because The Goldfish wrote a post of the same name and now I have the song in my head.

>*&^&)!! Spam

>It’s about four days since I last cleared out my spam comments folder for this site. And there were 164 of the damn things. Plus two comments that Akismet let through but my settings (first comment from any e-mail must be approved by me before it shows up) stopped.

I love Spam the food, particularly grilled in a sandwich. In fact I might have that for lunch. But the other sort of spam? Enough already?!!?!

Oh and nothing annoys me more than sitting there paging through all those 164 spam comments in Akismet reading about porn and drugs and things that make me squick and then having to go back through the list again because whoever designed askismet in their infinite wisdom put the “not spam” button at the bottom of the list but the “delete all” at the top!!

Jacqui said it best.

Ok, new policy for this site.

If you think a comment you left has gone to spam let me know. It does happen sometimes but not often and then I could stop looking at the spam just in case making us all happier.

>Laying Down The Life and Times of Emma Law

>Official admin type note:

From now on comment moderation is in place on this blog. Basically, you can comment but unless you have a previously approved comment it will not show up until I’ve seen and approved it. Pretty much it doesn’t affect anyone just means that the next time you comment it won’t show up here straight away but after that it should do. It does also mean that no@no.com whilst a tempting e-mail address to use is not a good idea.

There’s been a lot of spam on here later (seven pieces in just over 12 hours last night) and I’m hoping that and a couple of new plugin’s I added will catch it all. The plugins are a spam killer (akismet) and an autoclose comments/trackbacks script which means older posts cant be commented on or pinged.

Spam (the food) is wonderful stuff. Spam (the internet nasty stuff) is not. I actually found it quite upsetting to have spam trackbacks left all over the “Letter Unsent” that I wrote to my Nanny on the anniversary of her death – I know its not a real person but STILL!!

>Consider yourselves told

>I put two things on this website lately and forgot to post notices about them. So consider yourselves informed that

1) I made a “music video” of some of my photos from Madrid. You can watch it here

2) I haven’t finished posting my old works to this site (almost there) but I am currently doing a writing challenge and feeling very creative. I set myself up a creative writing blog and any new pieces will go there not here. To visit, go to Creatively Emma. I’ve been pretty productive over the last few days in that blog!

>Sorted out at last


So yesterday I came up with the bright idea of playing around with the layout on here.

Two problems with that:

  1. It’s done in CSS. What appears to be very complicated CSS.
  2. I know no CSS whatsoever.

So yeah it can safely be said that was not one of my best ideas ever. And I managed to mess things up so badly that the only way I could fix it was to uninstall wordpress and reinstall it.

Thankfully, powweb.com, my webhost had backed up my data up until yesterday morning and so I downloaded that before I wiped the database and I have all of my content other than yesterdays picture entry up again Albeit in a very managled horribly unformatted way. And in the process I managed to sort my layout out so it was how I wanted. So that’s a bonus too!
Sometimes I wish life’s messes were as easily sorted with undo and redo buttons as this was! Although it didn’t feel particularly easily sorted at the time…