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    >Disability Normal – The Twitter Version

    >My previous blog post has inspired quite a lot of chat on twitter with various people sharing their own disability normal things.  Here’s the list: (I’ve not linked the accounts because it would take FOREVER but you can search for them on twitter using the names listed or by searching #DisabilityNormal Falling up stairs – SpazGirl11 Spilling food – SpazGirl11 Not being able to find a coffee shop without a step – Batsgirl On the bright side, orders brought over to my table in Starbucks rather than standing around waiting – Batsgirl filling in a form within an hour of it dropping through the door – but having to wait…

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    >All Sorts of Awesome

    >I’ve been working over the last few days at promoting One Month Before Heartbreak.  Yesterday I was disappointed because someone who had asked what they could do to help refused to do so.  Today, not so much. This morning I got a text from Sair telling me that Month Before Heartbreak was in the top ten UK Twitter trending topics.  Yes, my small project “What if we did this.” was a UK trending topic on Twitter [screenshot of trending topics including One Month Before Heartbreak (without the one though)] I’m loving that we trended the same time as Macaulay Culkin – it’s probably the only time I’ll see a celeb…

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    >More Nadine Dorries Twitter Fail

    >Nadine Dorries made further ridiculous comments, this time suggesting that being disabled is the same as being retired and also that disabled people shouldn’t go down the pub. I wrote another rebuttal over on Disability Voices. Twitter, Disabled People, Benefit Fraud… and Pubs And DV team member, Sarah Ismail, has set up a facebook group calling for Nadine Dorries’ removal as an MP due to her disablist attitude. Finally I must add that I personally am absolutely astounded and very touched to see the response my original piece on DV got, both on DV and also on Twitter. All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >Bit of a Link Fest

    >I’ve been working on guest posts for a few different sites this past week.  I have links to three of them to share. I Love To Laugh over at DisCo: Disability Conversations.  That’s one of my regular guest blogging places and it’s about crip humour and a funny moment at last week’s creative writing class. A while ago I was looking for books with disabled characters.  One of the books which got mentioned several times was Gridlock by Ben Elton so I got it from the library.  Then, Sarah who runs Same Difference mentioned that she was looking for reviews of books with disabled characters so I wrote a review…

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    >A Good Writing Day – With Links!

    >Last week, Mike from Artist Inlet Press contacted me to ask if I would write something for that site.  His only request was that I should write about something I’m passionate about. I’ve been trying to do lots of writing and make progress with it over the last few weeks so I jumped at the chance to write that piece.  It’s not a site I’d been to before but I’ve been reading some of it since then and it’s got some very well written, lovely essays on there.  I’m pleased to have been asked to contribute and know that more people are seeing my writing.  I’ve been working on that…