>The Clock Winked

>Day four of the 100 days of writing. I found myself very keen to write but extremely lacking in inspiration. So I found a prompt online – the clock winked. This felt quite hard to write and the words didn’t come easily. I was beginning to think I should scrap this idea and take another route with the prompt. But then it clicked. This is the end result which I think needs a lot of work. But raw words was the goal with this challenge.

The Clock Winked

The clock winked at the mirror on the wall opposite. It was late at night and the family who owned them had finally given up on the day and gone to bed. Usually they went to bed much earlier than this. But not tonight. It was as though they’d known he had a plan.

The mirror didn’t respond to his wink. So he did it again. Making it slightly more exaggerated so she couldn’t help but notice it. But she shifted slightly on her hook, the new lopsided way she was hanging trying to nonchalantly appear aloof and uninterested.

Clock knew better than to believe that though. He knew Mirror’s type though. She was one of those glamourously girls Objects, with her wavy border making it more than obvious that she was not your average looking glass. That sort of girl liked to play hard to get. His Grandfather Clock had told him so. And he’d been notorious. All the girl objects of his time had fought over who was next to him. Rumour even had it that an actual person had fallen in love with with Grandfather Clock but Clock himself had never believed that.

No, it was as obvious. Mirror wanted him. He’d just have to wear her down. Most Objects would have given up by now thinking two months was long enough to pursue a potential love interest. And his sister Digital had been trying to talk him into that. But she wanted him. He knew that it would just take time to convince her it was OK. And he was fine with. After all, if any Object has time to wait it’s a clock.