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    >Diet Starts Tomorrow!

    >Literally this time.  I’m getting serious about my weight loss again and it all starts tomorrow.  Having tried a few weeks ago, lost 6lb in the first two weeks then regained 4 of those in the third and then gone off track majorly I’m making some commitments to myself and I’m blogging them here: Until 1st August at the earliest I will do some form of exercise everydayDrink a litre and a half of water a daytake my meds and supplements daily (Meds I’ve had down for well over a year, supplements not quite) And I won’t havechocolatecokepizza (with the planned exception of a trip out with friends which if…

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    >In Short

    >Since probably September last year I’ve been a bit stuck with my weight loss before that I was on a pretty steady downward trend.  Up a few pounds. Down a few pounds.  Up a few more, down a few more.  I think the correct term is Yo Yoing.  But the one thing that’s kept me going and that I’ve been really proud of is that once I got below the 18 stone mark I never went back above it.  My visit to the 16 stone area was very fleeting, 17 stone and I were getting to know each other better than I would have liked but 18 stone and I…

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    >A Fresh Start

    >On 22nd February 2010 I started trying to lose weight.  1st May 2010 I gave up coca-cola and all products containing chocolate.  That’s when my weight loss really kick started.  September time I hit a bit of a plateau and was losing a few pounds, gaining them back.  And towards the end of November (almost 7 months later) I started eating chocolate and drinking coke again.  There have been a few days since then when I haven’t eaten chocolate but not any where I’ve not drunk coke. Until today.  I’ve gone coke and chocolate free again as of today. My weight is up, I’m 17 stone 12.  Which given that today…

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    >Reverb 10 – Wisdom

    >I know I’m late to this but I only found out about it yesterday.  I’ve just signed up to Reverb 10.  I may very well go back and touch on some of the previous prompts as a couple of them are very interesting to me. But I’ll have to see how things go time wise. Today’s prompt is Wisdom.  What was the wisest decision you made this year and how did that pan out for you? My first thought was that I needed to put my (not really blogged about) decision to try and take better care of myself down as the wisest decision I made this year.  But then…

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    >Almost… but not quite

    >I almost managed to keep my for one week only promise and replace that 2 stone gone badge with the 30lb badge… but not quite.  I needed to lose one pound for that to happen.  And I lost three quarters of a pound.  Which I’m still really really happy about.  Next week I hope to switch over the badges in my sidebar but we’ll all (including me) have to wait and see.  My mum said that I did especially well because I ate a lot of sausages when we had hot dogs and jacket potatoes on Bonfire Night (and leftovers the next day).  Personally I didn’t think I ate that…

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    >Bits of News

    >I haven’t updated about my attempts at weight loss for a couple of weeks so I’ll start with that and then see how much further I get before my desire to be in bed relatively soon wins. Last week my mum was away so I weighed by myself.  I struggled a lot to balance on the scales and suspect the same would have been true even if she were here.  I gave up on Tuesday after 5 attempts which all ended up with ridiculously different weights.  Wednesday I tried again and managed better.  I was 17st 2lb which was 1.5lb up. Today my mum was back and I was 17st…

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    >Good: Writing a To Do List of writing tasksBad: Realising I have more writing tasks to do then I thought I did Good: Getting three things done off the to do listBad: Showing the list to Mum and having her point out I missed something off of it Good: having a clean houseBad: cleaner (male) calling me love and “my love” so many times I lost track Good: No one has cancelled sailing for tonightBad: High probability of getting there to discover it’s off Good: Starting a lovely new knitting pieceBad: Not being quite sure if you’ve gone wrong with said knitting and if you have, where you did. Good:…

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    >In The Right Direction

    >I’m down roughly a pound and a half this week (from 17 4lb & 7/8ths to 17 3lb &1/4th and I can’t do that kind of exact maths). And I just got back (ok, well an hour and a half ago) from swimming. Must admit that I’m feeling a little fed up with this now, need to make some really progress again and stop hovering. All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >The Obligatory Tuesday Update On: MY WEIGHT

    >I am a little disappointed this week although I’m trying not to be.  I’m up 2lb. It’s probably because I’ve got my period (which given that all the problems I’ve been having with that are likely weight related is a good thing) and I just keep reminding myself about that. I have exercised every single day this week.  Mostly using My Fitness Coach Dance Workout but I’ve also been swimming once and as I mentioned yesterday I did what is for me a lot of walking on Saturday. Here’s to some downward movement on the scales next week! All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >A (Mostly Medical) Few Things

    >I started a new medication last week, Terbinafine.  It’s only one tablet a day but it tastes disgusting and no matter what I do it seems to dissolve in my mouth.  I’m gonna be on it for three months, maybe a little longer (possibly up to six) which is a bit better than a new permanent medication.  That’s apparently harsh on the liver which made me worry a bit about whether I should take it.  So we agreed that I would have a blood test part way through the course which they don’t normally do.  I’m hoping the fact I’ve lost more weight will mean that it’s a lot easier…