>25lb Goal? Done!


I lost 2lb this week!  Which means I can finally, finally, finally (after almost two months!) replace the 20lb lost badge in my sidebar with this lovely 25lb lost one!!  I’ve got a feeling that this is the most weight I’ve ever lost or certainly not very far off of it.  When I was at uni I did lose a lot of weight but as much as I wanted to hit the two stone goal (that was my overall aim) I didn’t get much beyond a stone and a half.
I’ve continued to pretty much cut out all snacks which I think is what has made the difference and finally gotten me off of this plateau.  My other goal last week was exercise but that didn’t happen.  I’ve got a chest infection and I’m on antibiotics (Erythromycin) for that until Friday.  I am feeling a hell of a lot better than I was and am getting out doing stuff again now.  But when transferring between my bed and my chair was setting me off into a huge and long coughing fit exercise was not to be done!  So that’s a goal for this week.

>On the move again at last

>Yes, this week finally sees some progress.  I was feeling very discouraged so that is definitely a good thing!  Basically I cut out pretty much all snacking and it’s definitely worked.

I’m down 2 and three quarter pounds this week.  Which puts me back down to my lowest weight of this journey.  I won’t make the “virgin fat next week” comments I did last time because I think that jinxed me but… here’s hoping!  I’m 17 stone 4 3/4 pounds now (242.75lb) and I really hope to end September with the number that starts with 16 stone something.

I was thinking about a rest of the year goal yesterday.  I did consider 15 stone 13.5lb as my goal as that would be three stone lost.  But I can’t help feeling that’s totally unrealistic.  Whatever happens I’ll be happy because I really have come a long way.  However I would like to have made a pretty decent dent in the 16st part of things and be on my way to 15st by 2011.

I’ve bought a couple of new Wii games in the past week and at least one of them will be great for exercise.  I had a go at it this morning and loved it.  A second one may also do good for exercise but I’ve not tried it yet as it needs the nunchuk and I can’t find it!!

>And now for something completely different…

>…only I’m not really sure what that might be.

Up two this week.  I’m definitely plateauing and need to do something different to shake things up.  I’ve got one or two small ideas but really I’m stuck on which is the best one.  Probably all of them in moderation but I’m also struggling a bit with my depression over the last few days and that really doesn’t help.

Suggestions, anyone?

>Thoughts On Progress So Far

>I’m up 1/8th of a pound today.  Which really is just the same as staying the same because it’s absolutely nothing. I actually thought I might have gained a little so I’m really pleased.

I realised yesterday that although I feel a bit like I’m struggling and stuck with my weight loss right now that’s not a huge deal.  Obviously I would like to lose more this year and I do need to lose more.  But even if I stay at this weight for the rest of the year I’ll still be happy with my progress.  And I’ll still have come a long way from where I was.  I do still need to work on this and I will.  I’m just going to try to stop beating myself up about it.  If I start whining and moaning about that in future, please remind me of this post and then tell me to shut up 😉

The other thing worth noting is that I have completely lost track of how many weeks it’s been since I gave up coke and chocolate.  I used to be able to tell you exactly how many weeks it had been and now I’ve a rough idea because when I realised I didn’t know I tried to work it out.  But I haven’t looked it up and I don’t feel like I need to.  Another step on the way to beating that addiction me thinks.

>A Good Things List

>When I originally wrote my Good Things List it was after three weeks without coke or chocolate.  As it’s now been more than 100 days it’s time for an update!

  • Previously I’ve had a tendency towards high blood pressure.  Today it was 128/80 or totally normal
  • Blood draws should be easier as I get thinner. Being I’m a terrible stick that’s a good thing.
  • At the beginning of the year my lifejacket straps were as big as we could adjust them.  I’ve had to tighten them a couple of times this year!
  • My measurements have changed downwards slightly.
  • My BMI has gone from 46 something to 42 something according to the nurse.
  • I bought a t shirt in a size smaller on Tuesday as they didn’t have my usual size. It’s a little tight but it’s wearable.  And it’s really cool.
  • Being down from a 26 to a 22.
  • I have gained a little weight here and there but the general trend is downwards and I’m at my lowest of this journey now.
  • I haven’t gone back above 18 stone since I hit the 17s

>My new lucky number

>I’m down three quarters of a pound this week.  Which is definitely better than nothing.  Considering I went out to eat at Prezzo last Wednesday and then went to Frankie and Benny’s on Thursday it’s actually pretty good.

I really can’t think of much else to say this week.  I did buy some new clothes this morning.  I do have to take one of the pairs of trousers back as they are a lot too small but I’d wondered that when I bought them partially because they were only £5 and also a different style to my normal.  A second pair (pinky cords) did up but was too tight.  I’m keeping those though as I think I’m not far off of being OK with those.

I wear clothes with elasticated waists a lot of the time.  They tend to fit a lot better because of my size and shape and also because of my CP I find them easier (because I don’t have to faff with buttons etc when balancing to pull them up and down – I can do it but it’s not always easy).  I’ve especially done that since I found lovely black trousers from Evans last year which are really smart but have elastic in the back.  At the beginning of the year I was wearing a size 26 in those trousers with the elastic in the back.

The cords I bought this morning?  Have absolutely no elastic in them.  And are a size 22!!

22 must be something of a lucky number for me today as my total weight loss is now 22 and a quarter pounds. *big grin*

And, as I wrote on Sunday, I’ve now passed 100 days without any coke or chocolate!!!!! *even bigger grin*

>100 Days!

>Today is the 100th Day of my being off of Coke and all things chocolate.   The last day I had either was 30th April.

For this girl who was drinking about a litre of the stuff everyday and eating over 100g of chocolate each day, that’s amazing.  Particularly given the fact that the original goal was 3 weeks!!

I did consider that my next goal should be weight related rather than time (specifically I was thinking of “until I’ve reached 3 stone lost”) but now I’m thinking a time based goal might be better.  3 stone would mean I’d doubled my total weight loss and there’s no guarantee how long that will take.  I think it might turn into a goal that’s easy to ignore.  So I’ve decided that the goal is six months (August is month 4)

I do feel a lot better for it and in ways that surprise me too (as well as those which I expected).  But that’s probably a post for another day.

Instead of Coke I drink diet lemonade, water, squash and some other things but those are the main ones.  To be honest I should probably drink a lot more water and less of the diet lemonade and squash.  Anything is better than all the coke though.  I don’t snack as much as I used to now which is great.  Although there are definite times when I could do with cutting it down.  Mostly I have mini bits of shortbread or flapjack when I do snack.  There are now whole days when I don’t snack which is definitely new.

I’m really proud of myself that I’m beating this addiction (I don’t think it’s a good idea to say I’ve beaten it) and how well I’m doing with my weight loss.  Here’s to lots more to come (I hope)!

>The Quickest of Updates

>Lovely lazy morning and a relatively lazy afternoon.  BUT every time I’ve tried to get online and get stuff done I’ve been interrupted (God knows how much worse it would be if I didn’t live alone!). So this will be super quick as I’m being picked up for sailing in about five minutes.

I’m down 1lb this week!  Total weightloss is now 21 and a half lbs.  I’m really really pleased.  Particularly given how much I’ve been out and about and eating “on the go” foods.  I have been making healthier choices and doing my best but as much as I had hoped to still lose weight I did think that realistically a maintain would be the best I could do.  But no!  I got a loss of 1lb.  And I really can’t wait to see how well I can do this week with more “home” and free time!

>Down 2

>This is liable to be relatively quick, I’m going out around 11 and I want to get my gear for sailing sorted before I go so I don’t have to do it when I get back (likely to be flying in and back out again).

I did manage to exercise everyday this week apart from yesterday. And I really pushed the water.  When mum and I were out at a show on Saturday night I just drank water, I didn’t have any wine or J2O or anything else despite wanting it and I resisted asking Mum to get me a snack when she went to get herself one!!  Plus, when I made flapjacks yesterday I only ate one and didn’t touch the mix when it was still in the bowl. So I think I can say I’ve got the snacking down too.

It was definitely worth it.  I’m down 2 and a half pounds this week.  Total weight loss is now a tiny fraction of a pound off of a stone and a half since (21lb) since February!!  I’ve also lost all the weight I put back on in the last couple of weeks and am at my lowest again. Which means – virgin fat to lose next week! Woop Woop!!

>Slipping a bit.

>This week I am up two pounds.  Which is a little disappointing although I’m not really surprised either.  This past week probably hasn’t been the best it could have been in terms of healthier eating etc but it wasn’t horrific either and I’m still not drinking Coke or eating Chocolate so that’s definitely something.  To be honest I was probably due for a bit of a blip around this time because I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing for 11+ weeks now and I probably need to shake things up now.  In a way I’m surprised I haven’t plateaued a bit before now.

Plans for this week are to really push the water as I’ve been drinking a lot of squash, ribena and diet lemonade lately. Try to use Just Dance everyday (I love that game so much and am really pleased that Just Dance 2 is coming out this year!) as I didn’t really manage that this week.  And cut down on my snacking.  I don’t snack anywhere near as much or as often as I used to but it is creeping back up a bit if I’m honest.

And speaking of honesty I must admit that I am fed up and stressed out at the moment.  After tomorrow I have a pretty good break coming up for the next two and a half weeks (which I’ll blog more about tomorrow or Thursday) and I have to say it’s very welcome.  As I walked back from the bureau yesterday all I could think was how good it was going to be to chill for a while and take it easy.