>My wheelchair is…

>When I e-mailed the manager of CAB about yesterday’s event (she was off sick, bet she loved coming back to that e-mail) I used the analogy that my wheelchair, and to a lesser extent my walker*, is my legs and told her that a huge part of my freaked outness was because if it had of been broken by that bloody brat of a child I literally would not have been able to get home.

I wasn’t sure she would understand that but she said she did.  And she said she’s sorry it happened and she’ll get back to me about the question I raised about insurance.

Anyway I thought it might be interesting to share some thoughts about what my wheelchair is.  If you have any similar feelings etc on assistive technology or other things that you or someone you know use, please share them.  I would really like to know how common my feelings are.

  • My wheelchair is all pretty and purple
  • My wheelchair is in need of a good clean!
  • My wheelchair is a little bit broken because I’ve loved it so much
  • My wheelchair is a Kuschall Champion
  • My wheelchair’s name is Kass
  • My wheelchair is my legs
  • My wheelchair is a part of my body
  • My wheelchair is part of my personal space
  • My wheelchair is something I am proud of
  • My wheelchair is something I would not be without
  • My wheelchair is where I am happiest
  • My wheelchair is something I am scared to be apart from
  • My wheelchair is not who I am but is an important part of it.
  • My wheelchair is my wings
  • My wheelchair sets me free

*the reason why I say my walker is to a lesser extent and don’t use it in the above list as because I am not very confident with it and can do a lot more with my chair.  My chair is what I would chose if it were a one or the other situation and is truly the one piece of adaptive/assistive technology that has made the biggest diffference in my life.  I’ve chosen to use my manual chair in this list as it is the chair I use most and I have a bit of a love hate relationship with my current powerchair.

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