>”It is… it is Green”

>I have a new powerchair! A Pride Jazzy 1121. Photos to come as soon as my camera and I are on speaking terms again.

Well, I should probably clarify that, it’s new to me. But the person who had it before used it maybe five times and you seriously would never know it’s not brand new. It has loads of features that my old one didn’t, like tilt in space (which seriously rocks) and it’s dark green. That’s not the colour I would have chosen but I like it. I probably would have chosen black but I don’t know for sure and now i’ve got it the green is right for me – fits me if that makes sense.

And there is a ST:TNG reference in there too in a way because it makes me think of the episode Relics where Scotty asks Data what a drink he’s given is and Data goes “It is… it is Green”. Star Trek rocks so it’s pretty cool to have a chair that makes me think of it. And before certain people who read this make comments to me about that, yes, I do know how completely sad that is!

It’s got midwheel drive which combined with the fact that as a part of my CP I have spatial awareness issues is currently driving me insane. Basically, the controls to drive it are the same and I’ve got them down but the steering is totally different and I keep hitting things. With my old chair (and all of the chairs, manual or power, I’ve ever had) turned from the back which meant when I started to spin myself round my legs would move only – this one moves from the middle which means when I turn my bum and my feet both move at once and I am having a bit of an issue learning new boundaries etc because my bum never moved before. LOL

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