>My New Set of Wheels with an added giggle factor

>Presenting my Jazzy who needs a name and I have a mad urge to call Jeff. That would be rather sad and pathetic of me however so suggestions are welcome.

Side view

Side view of my Jazzy which was taken in my parents front garden on Sunday. I’m sat in it but my head was partially cut off so I cropped it all out.

So yes, I am loving my Jazzy now and I managed to go to work yesterday in it without hitting or breaking anything! Bonus!

This afternoon I was sitting in it in the lounge with it tilted back as far as it goes alternatively reading and staring at the ceiling considering the idea of a nap. And when I went to put it away to charge and switch back to my K I felt like something was dragging but I couldn’t see anything.

Well, it turns out I’m not the only one who ♥ my new powerchair! There is, in fact, a lot of Jazzy love in this little flat of mine. Because look what I just saw when I came back through to come online:

[Description of photos: Front view of my powerchair with the footplate flipped up and an Eeyore caught up on one of the front kerbclimber wheels like they were cuddling. The second is basically the same view but a close up on Eeyore and Jazzy sharing the love.]

Well, I love the Jazzy (maybe I should name it Carlton?) and Eeyore loves the jazzy and life is good.

This poem is one of my favourites and totally sums up how I feel about my wheelchairs, particularly having a new one. Unfortunately, Eeyore hasn’t seen fit to tell me if it sums up his feelings as well so we have to assume it doesn’t.

My New Set of Wheels

There you stand, and I see you stare
Thinking, poor dear, she’s stuck in that chair.
But I’m not sad, I’m very happy because
I haven’t forgotten the way it was.

You’d say, “How about a trip to the zoo?
A walk in the park will be good for you.”
I was thinking tomorrow, I’ll be a wreck,
From my aching feet, to the pain in my neck.

You’d want to go shopping, all over town.
I was thinking but there’s no place to sit down.
For you it’s a snap, just to go to the store.
But for me the ordeal was more of a chore.

Now I can go wherever I please
I can shop in the mall with newfound ease,
Do all the things that have to be done,
And even go out and have some fun.

So, do you want to know how it really feels,
To be sitting here between these wheels?
Can you remember back that far,
When you got your very first car?

Well, that’s how these wheels feel to me.
They don’t hold me down, they set me free.
So, don’t think all those pitiful things:
These aren’t wheels, I think they’re my wings.

By Darlene Uggen
from Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul
Copyright 1999 by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

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