>Let battle commence

>Social Services are going to be stopping my support from them as I no longer meet the criteria. This all happened at a supposed “review” at the end of April.

And I got a letter from my GP and wrote to my social worker with a copy of this stating that 1) I wanted the decision looked at again 2) I felt the report didn’t show the full picture, particularly when it came to mental health issues – which my GP supported in her letter – and 3) stated in closing the letter that I looked forward to discussing this matter with her, in person, at a reassessment. I stuck closely to those three points but did provide some examples.

The reply came today. And it came from another social worker as mine has now retired. So I’ve never met this new one. She’s basically written what could be considered a reply but that’s too strong a term. It is, in fact, a letter designed to get me to shut up and accept the decision, whilst being thinly disguised as a reply. I’d think it quite clever if it wasn’t for the fact that as a tactic it sickens me and I consider it morally wrong.

She reiterates several things that my now ex-social worker stated in her report. She thanks me for “raising my concerns.” and tells me she is now dealing with “this matter”. All to be expected.

But then she tells me that I shouldn’t base the security of my mental health on services which might not always be available to me. And a load of other “your depression is getting better” false platitudes. The review took this into account I am told.

Then we get to the worst part I need to understand that as a busy and successful individual changes will come in my life, not all will be positive or welcome, and I must learn to deal with these changes. Not to mention the part where it is basically implied that depression is no big deal and that I just need to keep busy.

If I really want care I can use my DLA, it’s for the additional costs of being disabled.

Hmm… 1 hours support is about £14, DLA middle rate care is £40/week. I have 4hours of support. You do the maths. That doesn’t cover the costs of additional washing or heating or taxis because I can’t drive which apart from my paying a small contribution to the cost of my support was what I thought it was for!

We end with the comment my my ex-SW considered this a very positive move for me and the new one (henceforth to be known as that bitch) hopes her letter will have helped me to understand and accept it more.

So basically, I’m still not going to have support. The points in my letter were ignored and she is encouraging something of a “blame, shame and guilt culture” about depression. She probably also sat there writing it thinking she was wasting her time and sighing.

The other huge point is that she states in the letter I agreed that last year was the last one I would have support for – I WASN’T TOLD THAT! That interests me in that it’s at least the second time that an official agency has tried to stop a complaint from me based on their insisting on having told me something they hadn’t. Previously they knew damn well I wasn’t told and that if I had been told I would have no grounds for complaint – same as now. I proved it last time and I intend to do my damndest to prove that now.

Needless to say, she did waste her time. Because this doesn’t end here.

I’m off on holiday at the weekend. And then… get ready Bitch because battle commences at the beginning of July.

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