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Gone Sailing

The Farmoor Reservoir Pontoon Project needs your vote to help disabled sailors.


This project has been fundraising for the past four years to provide a stable pontoon with improved access for disabled sailors. It will also create a larger harbour area which will benefit beginner sailors and windsurfers, especially youngsters, when the winds are stronger or are offshore. We have now raised £120,000 towards the Pontoon Project and are planning to construct as much of the structure as we can afford by next April, but we really need your help.


The Big Lottery Fund – ITV People’s Millions

The People’s Millions is a partnership between the Big Lottery Fund and ITV, in which viewers vote for the project they want to receive Lottery funding. Five grants of £94,000 are up for grabs this year in each our region and there are eight projects to vote for.


We have been shortlisted to take part in the televised competition with a chance to win £94,000 to pay for an electric lift to provide safe and easy access down to the pontoon. The lift will enable disabled people to use the pontoon under all wind and water level conditions. We will be competing head to head for the funding with one of the other eight projects.


Last week an ITV camera crew came to Farmoor Reservoir to film our disabled sailing activities in preparation for editing a short piece in support of the lift. On Wednesday 28th November, ITV Thames Valley region will broadcast short features on both projects during their evening regional news programme at 6.00 pm. The public will then vote by telephone for the project which they want to win the money – the loser gets nothing.




How to vote (You don’t have to be in the ITV regional area to vote!)


We need your support, so please watch ITV on Wednesday 28 November 2007 and then cast your vote. Ask all the members of your family and all your friends and neighbours to do it too!

If you can’t watch the television you can still vote. The voting lines will open at 9.00 am on Wednesday 28th November and close at midnight. We can only vote for our project on the day of the broadcast. The number to phone to vote for our project will be published in the Mirror, or on the Big Lottery Fund website: www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/peoplesmillions from 9.00 am. We will also send out an email giving the number on the Oxford Sailing Club announce list.


Please use your landline and mobile phones to help us win the money. You can phone up to three times from any number; best to avoid using a switchboard number! The result of the voting will be revealed the following day during the ITV 6.00 pm evening news.


Thank you very much.


All of us on the Pontoon Project Team at

Accessible Sailing, registered charity number: 1114130.

[Image description: Gone Sailing Logo. Black type on a white background. I think it’s Times New Roman The top row says Gone with the O replaced by a wheelchair (in grey) and underneath it says sailing in a smaller size font. It went a little bit pixelated when I grabbed out of word and saved it as .gif]

Small note from me: I’m not overally happy about asking this but please, please pass this message on to anyone and everyone who might be interested. And huge apologies if you’ve already had this from me about six thousand times.

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