>No More

>I’ve had enough.

Whilst my parents are in New Zealand I’m having extra support.  And it’s driving me crazy.  Crazy I tell you.

Almost all of my carers have been late – and only one of them bothered to let me know.  On Monday the carer was 45 minutes late!  She commented that I didn’t look happy.  I told her that I was pissed off and had better things to do than waiting around for her to show up and in future to make sure I was told.  She told me that she didn’t feel well and all about her stress and family problems.

I’ve heard repeatedly how much they hate their jobs.

I ate half of my dinner one day and discovered I’d been given southern fried chicken that was raw in the middle (how I didn’t get food poisoning I don’t know).

And one saw fit to tell me that she went to school with someone with CP and she thought it was “really very sad.”

It’s always kind of been the thing that you don’t complain about these things – my mum frequently tells me she thinks the agency are good over all and it could be worse so leave it.  And when I do speak to the office staff about things the usual response is “that’s not like so and so” or “everyone else really gets on with X” so I gave up on them.

I was thinking about it earlier this week.  If I was at CAB and I told a client that I felt their problem was really sad or that I hated my job or went “you think you’ve got problems… try this on for size” all hell would break loose – and rightly so.

So why is it “acceptable” for carers?

Well, not any more it’s not.

I just sent an e-mail to the director of the care agency telling her I’ve been having issues (listed some of them briefly) and asking her to call me so we can discuss the matter.  I’d have called her myself but I didn’t want to go through the useless office staff.  And also, this way it’s on their bill and judging by how much they charge they can afford it better than I can.

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