>No swimming, blah

>I really need to wash my hair.  I didn’t bother this morning because I was supposed to be going swimming this afternoon and didn’t see the point.

But now… swimming is cancelled (because the pool is too cold?!?!) and I really can’t be bothered to get undressed and take a shower.  Originally I’d hoped to go to another session at the pool today but based on what the second person to call me and tell me it was off said, I think the pool is shut all day.  And I can’t get through on the phone to talk to them at the pool and find out or sure.  At least Mum and I got in the pool on Tuesday night…

So I’m off to find some form of exercise and something else to do today (was really looking forward to a swim…)  If you see me around town looking something like a bit of a skank please take pity on me and ignore that fact!

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