>Maybe Next Time

>I had a couple of ideas for blog entries in mind.  One about assistive/adaptive tech – having had the opportunity to play with some on Wednesday and hearing about another sort I wanted to record it.  And one about life long dreams and living those dreams – three people I know are moving far, far away in the next week or so and my brother and his girlfriend just moved into their own place.  Plus a good friend and I were discussing her life long dream the other day and so I’ve been thinking about that stuff.

Instead I have to write about meeting the new journey care assistant at Oxford – and I have to do so in a letter of complaint.  *Sigh*

Lets just say that I had concerns about the way she’d set the ramp up and told her but she waved them off – resulting in my almost coming out of my chair and getting really freaked out – I wasn’t crying but I was pretty damn close.  As I said to Chris when he helped me off of the train here, it wasn’t safe and if I’d been getting off of the train it’s pretty much guaranteed that I’d have fallen.  Also she hates her job and told me so.

*sighs again*

I’m going to or through Oxford rather a lot in July.  One of my regular people has retired now and I’m glad for him but he’s definitely gonna be missed if that’s the standard we’ll be having now.  Thankfully however there are two other regulars and they both know what they are doing, are friendly, like their jobs (or at least don’t tell me they don’t).  They make me laugh and they make me enjoy the experience with the jokes and the “nice to see yous.”  I’m really praying one or both of them will be there next time.

Also, why do people think it’s appropriate to telling clients they hate their jobs?  I tend to think it’s something to do with the disability aspect because I’ve heard it a lot from people who are carers or who are otherwise involved in supporting/assisting/helping disabled people.  But I don’t think I’ve ever heard a GP or a shop worker or a secretary anyone else mutter to me about how much they hate their job as they do their job – but some carers and other similar types do as they work helping/assisting/supporting me.  It makes me mad because to me its as though i’m supposed to feel guilty/bad for needing them to do their job.  Amd I refuse to.

*sighs yet again*

Still, maybe I’ll get to write about the interesting and fun stuff next time.

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