>”I think I’m gonna be MAD, I think it’s today, yeah…”

>I got very little sleep last night and as a result have been pretty trashed all day.  And I’m spitting mad about that.  My neighbour was playing loud music until gone 1AM and I had planned to have an early night because I was already pretty tired.  It’s not the first time recently.

And just lately it always seems to be beatles music.  I like Beatles music but not at that time of night.

One of the songs he was playing was “A Hard Day’s Night.”  and I was lying in bed going, yeah, too true but please shut up!!

And as for “Ticket to Ride?”

I vote we change the lyrics to

I think I’m gonna be MAD, I think it’s today, yeah
The guy that’s driving me mad won’t go away

Once again I am reminded of the quote from the first ever episode of Friends

“welcome to the real world.  It sucks.  You’re gonna love it.”  Monica to Rachel.

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