>NaNoWriMo Update – Day 3

>Today is day 3 and I’ve gone from being 800 or so words ahead to being about 300 words behind.  Le sigh. I have 4700 (oh, finally got onto the site – I have 4765 words) and something words written which isn’t bad but the end of day three goal is 5,001 so that’s not great.

I’m hoping that the magic of the cornerstone bacon bap will work tomorrow and I’ll end the day ahead again.

Or at least that I won’t spend most of the day feeling headachy and blah.

Still I found what I think is every single thunderbirds episode on you tube and have been watching some today, that was fun.  I think the same user has posted some stingray episodes as well which clearly isn’t as cool or as fun as thunderbirds but is still cool.  I love how the internet lets me have blasts from the past so to speak and revisit childhood favourites (oh, who am i kidding, I still love thunderbirds now)

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