>It’s the small things

>I was reminded earlier today how much of a difference who does something can make.

That’s definitely very true when it comes to carers and the like but what  actually made me think of it was the contractors from my housing who do all the repairs.

About six weeks ago they sent someone out to unblock the drain for my shower.  it was taking forever to drain and as it’s a wheel in shower that wasn’t great (although I don’t wheel in I have a shower seat and leave my chair a bit away from it, walking a few steps to get to it).  

The drain cover was screwed into place and I couldn’t do it.  Which is a bit annoying because I could see no reason why it needed to be screwed in, it’s completely flush with the floor etc etc.  And if it wasn’t screwed in I could reach down and pull it out myself.  But balancing to unscrew it would never happen.  So about six weeks ago they sent a guy to clear it and I asked if he could leave the screws out so I would be able to do it myself.

No, nothing doing.  It wouldn’t be safe.

Serious problems with my shower again today – ended up with standing water all over the bathroom and into the hall – and a phone call to my house led to a promise of someone being with me “by the end of the afternoon” to sort it (this was 11 ish).  

And a knock on the door an hour later.

My shower works properly again now.  And without being asked the guy said he’d leave the screws out to make it easier for me to clear it myself in future as a short term measure.  Long term they are probably going to replace the drain cover because the guy thinks they fitted the wrong sort which is why it keeps blocking.

Proactive and in more ways than one.  I like that.

I know it probably doesn’t make sense to a lot of people but that is going to make a huge difference to me.  Because it’s one more thing that I could do that (for now at least) the small niggles which make it impossible have been removed from.

And it’s one more thing I don’t have to ask my dad or my carers or my housing to do for me.

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