>Relaxing, Recuperating and Odd Bits

>I’ve had some viral buggy thing going on pretty much since last Tuesday.  Not helped by ill and panicking a bit-ness on Tuesday and I’m still ill and I have a new ish carer I’m not sure of stressing on Friday.

But I seem to be pretty much better today (although lets not say that too loudly).  And I had a carer I’ve known for years but not seen in a long time today.  She’s only ever been a cover carer for me.  Which was nice because I know her and I’m totally comfortable with her meaning there I knew there should be no drama.  And there wasn’t, something I’d been very worried about happening last Friday as I was ill.  

My carer to do list is cleared and I was able to ask her about an issue I needed clarifying too.  So that’s something which was worrying me resolved.  I really feel the need to write more about carers in general, having carers, the process of needing and use care etc but that will be a post Christmas job.  Probably even a January one.

Other than that I’ve been taking it easy, reading stuff online, knitting and watching stuff I downloaded from the ‘net.  My sister came over for a bit too and we got our eyebrows waxed.  I’m covered in fluff from knitting.

And now I’m soon to be headed for bed, using this week for hibernating and recuperating.  I’ve needed a break for a long time.  

My only real plans for tomorrow – get all the washing done, finish reading my book and do lots of knitting.  I’ll watch DVD’s or something whilst knitting.  Unless Top Gear is on Dave.  That’s classic knitting watching and I’ve not done that in ages.  I must go check the tv listings before bed.

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