>NaBloPoMo Day Five: 101 in 1001 Item 94…


Buy New Bedding

… has been completed!

I got a new duvet and pillows set and a new duvet cover set.  I’ll still use the old duvet covers too but I do have to say the new one looks fantastic.  Much better than I thought it would.  I adore having new duvet covers, it’s great.   Even if my sister did call me a new duvet cover addict.

I’ve been meaning to buy a new duvet and pillows for a while but never got round to it so that’s why I put it on the list.  I didn’t have any spare for when someone stayed.  And it is a very rare occurance that someone stays over but on those rare occurances it meant either they had to bring some bedding or I had to beg and borrow from my parents.

I had planned to reserve the bedding and then do two trips to town one after the other – one to get some bits from wilkos and sainsburys and then go back after dumping that at home to get the bedding.  But then I couldn’t get loads of the food I wanted and decided I could carry it all home at once.  I regretted that within about two minutes, duvet covers, duvet and pillows and a canvas shopping bag of bits is a bit much for one powerchair user to carry home one handed all at once (I love my Jazzy but it’s impossible to hang a bag of shopping on it as it has a bar on the back rather then push handles).  Considered ringing my parents and asking one of them to come to my rescue but I’m too bloody minded.

And I did get it all home at once too…  I just won’t be trying anything like that again!

The only downside is that I got everything from argos except the sheet as they were out of stock.  I got that from Sainsburys and I got the “basic” one.  It’s practically see through.  It’s on my bed now but I’ll be needing to buy at least one more new sheet.  One that’s made of material, that is, not tracing paper like this one!

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