>I’m really pleased.  I’m signed up for Creative Writing again and also for Contemporary Knitting.  

Both at the Arts Centre.  And both on a Thursday.  This bodes well for keeping me busy and filling my time but I can’t help thinking I would prefer it if they were on different days so more of my week would be filled.  There is a several hour gap between the two however which does make it easier.

I feeling inspired to do some writing again now… I’ve had an idea based on the prompt “the stranger” for ages (it was a prompt the tutor gave ages ago) and I think I will actually write it now.  Well, tomorrow after the bureau and the hairdressers and everything else.

And to finish some knitting in case they suggest we bring something in one week (kind of a knitters show and tell?).

We do have to bring needles and some wool to the knitting class.  Which means I will have to buy so wool.  Because I have loads but nothing suitable for this.  Although I also don’t know what would be suitable.

Both of those things have really improved my mood.  I’m going to be busy again.  It’s going to be good and I think I’ll soon be feeling better.  I really don’t do well with three or so weeks with little to do.

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