>This afternoon I wrote some cards then took them to the post office.  It was my one big job for today after a day of waiting in.  As I headed towards the back of the shop and the post office, I heard my name called and my Mum walked up behind me.

After a couple of minutes she suddenly goes “What’s that bottle on your chair?”  She was stood behind me, looking down at the back of my chair.

I had no idea what she was talking about, but figured i must have picked up a bottle off the ground somewhere.

Then she reached down and picked off my teeny tiny little bottle of passionfruit home fragrance oil.

It’s not the first time I’ve gotten stuff caught on my chair and carried it off with me.  And some of the things I’ve done it with before are small.  Usually the things have either fallen on my footplate (I’ve sent a couple of things – chocolate and soup if I remember – flying in shops not been able to see where they are and found them when I got home) and wrapped around my wheel a little – did that with a scarf once.

But it is actually the smallest thing I’ve ever done that with and also on the most insecure part of my chair.  Plus the route from my house to the post office involves a camber that I hate, a pretty steep up hill and a down hill too.  For some reason I’m always surprised when I have things like that happen.  However this has surprised me the most.

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