>Ordered my new chair!

>My new wheelchair is on order!

Or at least it should be… I called and left a message for the “Wheelchair Therapist” I saw telling her I wanted it.  They said she would call me tomorrow morning (probably then) about it.

After a lot of advice, research and soul searching I decided that I would take the Action3 they offered me.

The voucher I was offered would in no way have been anywhere near the realistic cost of anything else.  I had two long chats with advice workers from Scope who thought it definitely worth a shot to ask for more funding.  I have no problem with topping up a voucher at all but I kind of felt like they were saying I should have “blah blah blah” on a wheelchair and then trying to fit me into a standard category voucher without taking need into account.

But the research I did into wheelchairs showed that the one I really wanted was a no go.  And I contacted Sunrise Medical to find out who my nearest Quickie supplier is to get advice on which other model would be possible but the supplier never got back to me.  Also they are a hell of a long way away which could have been an issue.  I also briefly tried two other wheelchairs but neither were suitable.

It was just all turning into a lot of stress and I have other financial commitments making things tight right now and some health issues meaning less stress is a good thing.  So I thought about it and figured whilst I wouldn’t have necessarily chosen the Action3 myself there is a lot to be said for all of the support etc I would get from an NHS chair.  If I get it and it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work and they have to sort it out.  If in two years I’ve worn it out, that’s their problem.  If it needs repairs, they do it.  If I had a voucher all of that would be my problem.

And the biggest issue with my having a new wheelchair and specifically the Quickie I wanted is my weight and the size I need.  This gives me time to do something about that and maybe get a voucher in five years.

So I’ve once again said something I said I wouldn’t do.  And I’m pleased.

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